Real Talk 21: The reality of online marketing and how you can stop being scammed

This article is a bit of a rant and also a calling out. At least, somebody is saying something about it and I know this would help others.

It’s all the fucking same shit.

I’ve had mentors. I’ve had coaches. I’ve enrolled into courses and programs. All for the desirous goal of creating a business online and of course, making money.

It’s. All. The. Same. Shit.

It’s practically a fucking pyramid, multi-level marketing scheme.

But okay, the folly is mine. I take responsibility. I’ve been falling for this shit for ages now. I make no excuses. I allowed myself to be blinded by the shroud.

I lost my art. My love for writing practically died.

The sameness

If you want to learn how to create a business and make money online, you can do a search and be exposed to the huge ass amount of courses and programs.

They can go by different categories, mainly, “Learn how to create a business online”, “Learn how to make money online” or “Learn how to create a blog online.”

This is how they’d sell it to you

They would entice you first. 

They’d tap into your insecurities in life. This is when they ask:

. If you’re sick of your shitty job

. Whether you want to make tons of money (easily)

. If you want to create a business out of your passion so you can supposedly not work a day in your life

. Have more free time to do shit you love, most likely, traveling the world

Then they’d tell you it’s easy

Cause they have a system.

Then they’d tell you they did it themselves.

Henceforth, if they can do it, so can you. Just follow their step-by-step easy-to-follow program

Then they’d shower you with testimonials from others who have supposedly done it

Be prepared for rave reviews by people who are questionably successful, happy and rolling in money today because of them.

Then they’d offer a guarantee

If this shit doesn’t work for you, you can get your money back, and even more. Yes. The owners will give you more shit on top of what you paid.

Then they’d always say you’ve to work hard

Hard work is involved. There’s no escape. This, everybody can agree.

But this is a caveat they’ll use against you when shit doesn’t pan out.

The only variation

But all of them are a little different. They’ll just call their program, ways, methods or whatever a different name.

Tribe. Audience. Traffic System. Blog Automation. Social Media. Engagement. Email business. Advertising. Whatever.

That’s the only difference.

So that’s pretty much it.

The thing is, they never stop.

Why? Because it works. A lot of us want it so bad.

And it’s okay to want more out of life. Typically, we wish to do that by making more money first and foremost. I mean, who the fuck doesn’t want a shit ton of money? It may not buy us happiness, but it will make our lives a lot easier.

So now, it begs to be asked: Why aren’t we all taking this up?

The paradox

I’m just going to say it here, loud and clear: Businesses which teach about creating a business is a fucking multi-level marketing pyramid scheme.

It boggles the mind. It’s a paradox. It’s a weird cycle of elements that go round and round that somehow creates results.

Ask yourself, isn’t it weird when you ask somebody what their business is about, and they answer, “I teach others how to create businesses.”

Or ask them how they make their money, and they answer, “I teach others how to make money.”

Do you not see they’re selling a system? Do you not see the system is the product?

Does this not weird you out?

Another question begs to be asked then.

If it works so well, why would you teach?

Yes. Why would you?

If something works so well, so much so you make tons of money with it, why would you waste your time teaching it to others and not just do continually use it for yourself?

Let me just answer that simply:

. Because it makes money

People are keen to learn and hence would fork out money to buy this shit.

. Because it’s a passion to them

These business owners are happy to teach others.

. Because they want to help people

And that’s okay.

. Because it fucking works

It does.

These are legit reasons. There’s no denying that. I even applaud them for it. I myself plan to create a program like that one day to help others. I know of people who do this and they’re good people. I respect them for that.

But yet, if you’re on the consumer side of things, you need to be wary extremely wary of the paradox.

How far can this actually bring you? How much success can you gain? How much can you learn?

Is the system being sold to you in a form of a system just so you can create the same system for yourself? That said, how are you going to succeed if there’re so many systems out there already? How are you going to put your foot in the market considering you’re so fucking inexperienced?

What then, is really the product? Is this paradox enough to make you believe it’s a real product? Isn’t it weird you’re being sold into buying something just so you can sell the exact same thing?

How to avoid being scammed

Here’s the blunt truth: It’s all on you

If you want to avoid being scammed, then you’ve to take responsibility for yourself and not fall for everything you see online.

You’ll be sold. You’ll be enticed. You’ll be made promises.

All under the same system for you to create the same system.

It. Is. All. On. You.

Take it from me. I’ve paid for more than one of these systems and because of my point of view in my life, my own uniqueness as a person and yes, my own stubbornness, they only worked to a certain extent for me. I also made up excuses for myself.

Never fall for the idea that it is easy

These paradoxical businesses and their systems will tell you it’s easy. You just have to follow their proven steps, “If I did it, so can you.”

Of course they’re going to tell you it’s easy. They’re trying to sell you something! The only time they tell you it’s not easy is when they say you have to work hard for it. And nobody will not believe that part because everybody knows hard work is required for everything.

But again, it’s all on you.

You know how people like to say, “If it’s so easy, the whole world would be doing it”?

Well then, let me lay this on you: “If creating the perfect life through a business is as easy as paying for some course, seminar or program, then the whole entire fucking world would just scrape together some little money, pay for this shit, and be successful for the rest of their lives.”

Or heck, in that sense, every fucking college student who went through a business module would be thriving in business already.

Ask yourself then: Is life that easy?

Of course not.

It’s all on you man.

Know that death is the only guarantee in life

I don’t mean to sound dramatic or morbid here, but yes, death is the only guarantee in life.

This is why you need to stop buying into money-back guarantees. They’re only dare to make you feel comfortable so you would click on the buy button.

Just use your common sense already

Nothing comes easy in life.

A business is not easy. Making a ton of money is not easy. The only so-called easy way to make a ton of money at one go is to win the lottery (and even then, you’d be facing new challenges. Google and find out why lottery winners typically end up losing it all.)

So stop looking for the easy way out. Man up and be prepared to struggle if you want to create the life you want.

So what the fuck do you do?

I get it. You really want to create a business. You want the perfect where you can do shit you love. You want to be happy.

You need help. You want some guidance. And that’s okay.

How do you avoid being scammed? How do you go about it and start making progress?

You just take up ONE of these systems.

One. Only one. Numero uno. No more, no less.

Do some research. Get the course, program, seminar, book or whatever that resonates with you the most.

Learn the basics.

That’s it.

The rest is up to you.

You’d need to be your unique-self in order to stand out among all these systems. You need to work hard yourself. You need to find your own path.

Fuck emulating successful people or modelling those you look up to. You can only do so much of that. Copying others only means trailing behind. It will never work out for you because you’ll always miss out on a subtlety even they can’t explain. It’s their own hard work and experience. It’s their life.

You have to lead yours. Success is individual and entirely up to you. The minute you think, “I just have to buy this shit and all my problems are solved”, you’ve lost. You’ll never succeed that way.

Once all of that is out of the way, you’ve to be consistent in your work. You’ve to put in the daily work. You’ve to find out what works for you.

That’s it.

Focus on your own shit and stop being distracted by useless systems.

I think you’re better than that anyway.

People who resort to only teaching bullshit and then conclude that that’s their passion because of the money they make are fucking losers.

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  1. nick falcone - February 6, 2016 12:34 am

    Alden, I saw one of your posts on quota you commented that you liked my comment and I saw you had a website and I checked it out a little and wanted to tell you:
    You put some many of the same thoughts I have had for a long time so articulately into words I have to say I couldn’t have said it better myself to say the very least. I started working at 11, forged work papers at 14 to get a job that required me to be 16 and at 17 started my own business with my 19 year old brother doing roofing and siding after working in the same industry for a summer. At 18 I started a monthly mutual fund program and at 19 purchased my first rental property proceeding to buy 5 that first year with either partners or buying the home on land contract using credit cards for the down payments. I worked 50 to 60 hours every week and 80 plus when not going to college to get an MBA. It took until I was 29 to hit a million dollar net worth and I have spent over 100k on college courses, seminars, webinars, books, tapes, CD’s, DVD’s, mentoring, coaching, and magazines. Not to mention thousands of hours of my time. Now at 45 I have most of my businesses on autopilot, my equity investments in basic etc, stock, and mutual funds set up as drip/dca accounts except for one day trading account I do some aggressive stock and option trading in for income, and I have a real estate partner who overseas all of the flips we do for income and another who I partnered with that allows my rental portfolio to be strictly passive income for a 55/45 split in his favor for playing landlord. I have 45 properties mostly sfh’s with a few multi units I am a 20 to 55% partner in 6 businesses of which all are run by partners except for my consulting business so I say they are on auto pilot. With this structure I am able to enjoy a high 6 figure income and a net worth in the mid 7 figures with a typical work week being less than 30 hours while splitting my time between a condo in Vegas, a condo in South Beach and a home in the metro Detroit area. Finally, I am a big proponent of offshore asset protection because I work to hard to give it up do to a frivolous lawsuit or other court or government action. I pay my taxes and love this country but will retire soon to Brazil or Cuba and enjoy the laid back lifestyle those countries offer. So why tell you all of this? 1- Your posts say what I have said to many for a long time, there are no short cuts to success in life by following some be program off the net. 2- I have consulted many entrepreneurs on ways to maximize profits and income, as well as in how to protect their income and savings as well. There is no get rich quick method besides winning the lottery but I also tell people that they are in the best country in the world to become a millionaire and many would give their right arm to come here and live and work. Also anyone can become a millionaire from a guaranteed retirement with a million dollar net worth from utilizing a simple DCA/ DRIP program of $200/mo in basic mutual funds starting at 18 or 21 years of age with additional funds added with income increases to doing all of the 3 best and proven methods as I was told of and followed with equity, real estate and small business investments which will derive a 6 figure net income and 7figure net worth within 5 to 10 years dependent upon how smart one works the economy and a little luck. So without going off tangent the reason again for my post here is mainly that I am asked for advice by far more people than I am able to consult and I hate to turn people away and see them lured into all the bs internet scams out there. I have considered doing a blog or website with the program I used and outlined to you in this post. Seeing as your already experienced in this facet and have a good understanding of what’s out there on the net I humbly ask your opinion as to whether I should look to pursue this further and who I would be best to partner with as I have utilized partners in all aspects of business and investment to insure that I can take time off and leave things in good hands. My apologies for the length of my post, I wanted to give you the whole picture so if you choose to respond to my post you have all the info. Thank you for your consideration, Nick


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