The real dangers of caring about what others think of you

1) You’re letting your life be controlled by things which don’t matter at all, namely the thoughts and words that don’t belong to you. And that’s super retarded.

2) Because you’ve your own thoughts and words to deal with, as if that wasn’t bad enough if you were a negative person already.

3) Your ideas, thoughts and opinions would all get squashed, simply because you let others’ ideas, thoughts and opinions be elevated, even though you don’t even care for them much.

4) You start living in fear as you think you need to be validated all the time by the thoughts and words of others.

5) You know others way than you know yourself!

6) You give away your one chance in life to be yourself… cause there’s only one life.

7) You stop investing in yourself.

8) You let others’ opinions of you become your reality.

9) You start living a lie

10) You’d have no confidence, no self-esteem and zero courage.

Or you could just make a damn difference in yourself by deciding that you can. You absolutely can. Then you live forever and you won’t ever have to look back in regret.

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  1. Robert Ryan - August 13, 2013 1:43 am

    No.4 is a damn good one, well, they are all spot on, but no.4 in particular is bang on..

  2. Cameron Chardukian - August 13, 2013 8:16 pm

    #4 and #8 are huge. You really can’t let yourself be concerned with what other people think because then you’re going to end up living their dreams instead of your own and it’s just not possible to live a fulfilling life that way.


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