The problem with inspiration

When you think of what inspires us it is most likely a really awesome, inspirational quote, some dude you look up to, some video you watched or a really fond memory you hold close to.

They all inspired the shit out of you.

That is why when someone questions you about your passion, your drive, or whatever the fuck you’re doing, you would most likely just give a single answer.

Now here is the problem with inspiration:

-It makes us complacent.

Why? Because a lot of us think that we just have to be inspired once, or a few times.

-It also makes us think that inspiration is doesn’t come in abundance. 

Like inspiration is that, “Ahh omg I was totally fucking inspired man woo!” moment and it only comes once because life sucks.

Inspiration dies

Yes it dies. Inspiration fucking dies. Sure, it probably “keeps you going” and makes you stay driven, but the immediate high and surge of like awesomeness sweeping over your body doesn’t stay, for long.

Now here is the solution

You just have to keep getting yourself RE-inspired!

That’s right! Inspiration doesn’t have to be just that, “Omg fuck!!” moment. It can be MANY, fucking UNLIMITED moments that make you go from, “Hmm while I am twirling my mustache, this is rather fascinating” to “I am going to make sure I bang a chick tonight!”

And getting re-inspired is not a bad thing at all. It could be anything again: Watch a cool video, go Google some inspiration quotes, talk to someone or just try out new shit you never thought you would.

SEEKING to be re-inspired is probably your best one-stop solution to whatever that ails you. It’s up to you to how much you really want it and whether you let yourself. 

Hell when I have trouble thinking up shit to write, or like I really feel I have something to say, but the writing didn’t flow. Instead of forcing myself to get out of this writer’s block, I just dumped it all aside and waited for inspiration the following day.

Now here is the best part

Inspiration is free.

Yup, no charge, not even if you beg to pay for it or offer your hot elder sister.

And here’s something free, a really nice (picture) of a T-Shirt showcasing that super awesome message. And also one of me.










Words cannot describe… The awesomeness. Please take note I look extremely good in person with this shirt on.


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