The no-brainer diet that works: 4 easy tips to lose weight!

I am quite a fitness freak myself, so much so that I want that elusive six-pack and a nice body to attract the ladies and gain recognition and admiration from people.

From what I discovered, the simple secret to a nice body is simply this: Dieting.

No amount of hardcore cardio or training can get you that body you want if you keep loading up on garbage like junk food, alcohol and late-night snacks.

But dieting? The sound of that word just sucks. It means completely staving off from my favorite food and drinks right? Wrong. Check this out.

What dieting is and is not

Dieting is: Simply tweaking your diet. however big or small to achieve weight loss.

Dieting is NOT: Becoming “that dude” who only eats vegetables and biscuits and fruits and starts starving himself which in turn makes him upset and stressed, hence losing his friends and family.

I kid. That was dramatic, but yes that was how I viewed a diet. I did want to lose some fats, but the thought of starving myself and doing a bunch of tedious research and delving in the realms of calorie counting was a major turn off. I also certainly did not care for breaking down my food into its nutrients. I mean, it’s kind of annoying when your friends go like, “Oh yeah! I just had an amazing intake of carbs and protein!!” when actually all they had was rice, meat and some milk.

Eating that ONLY?

Well anyway I have tried to change my eating habits, and managed to achieve some results. If you’re like me and just want to lose some weight without busting your brain and balls dealing with jargon, check out this no-brainer guide I made.

#1- Cut out junk food completely

Make sure your meals doesn’t consist of any kind of junk food. No more MacDonalds, KFC, Burger King or Wendy’s. This is pure logic. Your pre-diet self ate junk food. Now you stop, hence you lose weight. Makes sense? Yes, junk food really plays a big part in you being a fat shit. Cutting it out alone would do WONDERS.

“But wait, I don’t even eat junk food and I am still fat as shit!” Yes I heard this one before. Well then you are most likely eating something else equally fattening. I mean geez, yes you may not be eating burgers and fries, but a barbequed stingray or a plate of fried noodles isn’t exactly healthy too. Do a bit of evaluation and find out what is it you are eating that is considered generally unhealthy.

Gotta give that shit up!

#2- Top up your meal with a fruit

Just eat ONE fruit, be it banana, apple, orange or watermelon. Why eat fruits except that they are generally healthy? It simply helps to cleanse your system. Wait, CLEANSE? Too “in-depth”? Okay fruits help you to dump and crap it all out. If you are crapping out your meal, that’s good! Try the papaya, it’s one of the best in cleansing your system.

My current diet actually consists of 2 junk food meals a week (because I really want to like what I eat) and 2-3 nights of late-night partying (lots of alcohol). My fitness trainer taught me to simply top up my meals with fruits if I truly cannot stave from it all. I was a bit dubious at first as I body obviously takes in a lot of unhealthy shit, but guess what? I actually lost weight.

These bad boys help a lot

#3- Eat Subway sandwiches

I have included Subway as a pointer on its own because it’s your convenient take-and-go meal. You can definitely find many other awesome recipes for better diet meals, but if you can’t cook or if you just plain lazy to read and prepare stuff, then Subway is definitely your best choice in grabbing a meal and feeling healthy.

Face it, you probably have to get out there daily during work hours and when overwhelmed with so many choices, you may not know which is the best meal for you. I read that tuna sandwiches made great meals too, but when I went to the store to buy some, I had like 5 different choices of tuna. That just pissed me off.

Can’t decide, just eat Subway

#4- Try to achieve a break-through of 2 weeks

You know how it is for most adverts, “Get a ripped body in just 2 months!” I don’t know about you guys, but 2 months is long to me. No fast food or alcohol for 2 long-ass months? That’s unbearable man.

Another close relative, who works as a fitness trainer taught me to simply pull through for 2 weeks, and that is when you would experience a breakthrough; that is when you see results. 2 weeks isn’t a long time for a simple diet, especially this easy-as-hell diet I made.

Besides, once you really break through and see results for yourself, you would most likely be more motivated in your quest to lose weight.

So is this no-brainer diet going to get me a hot body?

No, this guide I made is a simple diet tweak for all y’all peeps who don’t want to go through the hassle of reading and researching for a good diet. If you want a ripped body, you need to be more disciplined in your diet and include working out and training!

But will it work? It most likely will. I am not claiming that this diet is going to help you lose 10 or even 5 kilograms. You would definitely lose some weight, but it depends on the individual on how much.

For what it’s worth, this to me, is a quick-start guide for something EVEN GREATER. Just give it a shot and you may surprise yourself.

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