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If you’re reading this, then I am sure that you’re serious about changing your life.That’s why I wanted to introduce to you the Happy As Fuck Membership Club!

First of all, I just wanted to thank you.

Thank you for checking my blog out.

I started my career as a writer because.. straight up, my dad died when I was 20.


He had ALS. It was a horrific disease with no known cause or cure. Getting it means getting a death sentence in life.

On the day he died, I literally saw his lifeless body on his bed.

That day changed me forever.

I clearly remember thinking, “Does the money in my bank account matter? No.

Does the petty bullshit with my annoying friends matter? No.

Does all this anger and unhappiness I feel matter? No.”

Yep. I was thinking that.

That’s when I learnt that I had extremely limited time to be happy.

So… I went all out to do what I love.

Four years ago, I executed the whole “quit my job to follow a dream” thing.

And bam! The birth of my blog came.

I fucking love to write.

And I do it to help others because I know what real pain is. I am always reminded about my dad’s passing.

You definitely don’t have to go through what I did to realize you’re allowed to be happy in life.

But yo… it hasn’t been easy!

Being a writer is tough. I consider myself a writer more than anything.

Learning business, or as they call it… internet marketing… has definitely made things very tricky.

There’s so much scammy bullshit out there, especially in the self-help field. I’ve had it with all the lollygagging and crap out there.

So I wanna make it simple…

I write good shit. You read it. You get inspired.

That’s it.

And of course, I do it in a completely no-bullshit style. No fluff. No pretentiousness. And definitely no lying just to get your money!


Whatever it is that you want in life… Be it:

More success in dating and relationships,

Learning how to build a business and create financial freedom,

Gaining more motivation and confidence,

Eliminating social anxiety and shyness,

Gaining clarity and purpose in life,

I have the solutions for you! All in a real, honest and zero-bullshit style.


So check this out… this is what you stand to gain:

  •  Invigorating energy so you can start doing what you love and feel alive.


  •  Unstoppable confidence so you can punch fear in the face.


  •  Self-determination so you can have the strength to not give up.


  •  Pride so you can look back on your achievements happily (Yep. Be prepared to get shit done.)


  •  Clarity so you can push aside negative thoughts and start thinking positively.


  •  Renewed vigor so you can wake up everyday without dragging yourself out of bed.


  •  Sense of ease and charisma so you can be yourself 100% in front of your friends and large groups.


  •  Self-love so you can erase self-doubt entirely.


  •  Manliness or feminine pride so you can be independent, resourceful and get shit done on your own.


  • Gain the respect and admiration from your friends and family so you can stop surrounding yourself with assholes. Only positive people!


  • Get rid of the pressure, anxiety and frustration from everyday life so you can super chill and happy all day everyday.


  • Gain buckets of confidence so you can eliminate the fear of rejection and talk to the opposite sex like a boss!


  • Learn how to start a business online so you can make a ton of money doing what you love!


  • Learn to stop being so angry and pissed off all the time so you can be happy with life and think positive shit ONLY!


  • Get real advice that are actionable and step-by-step so you never feel lost or confused again.


  • My tips, tricks and lifehacks that make so much sense that you’ll change for the better almost INSTANTLY.

And much, much more…


All In The Happy As Fuck Membership Club!


I am starting an exclusive membership club just for cool people who are serious about improving their lives and NOT waste time on stupid bullshit.

You won’t get any stupid advice from me! Check it out.

  • Personal access to me with all your questions. This is where I guide you by the hand and give you specific advice for your situation over email, Skype or Mobile chat (Yes, you will be getting my number, not something I easily pass out!)
  • Exclusive mastermind community group, I Want To Be Happy As Fuck! Be in a forum of like-minded awesome people to support each other, every day.
  • Permanent and free access to all my upcoming courses and books as I release them, and yes there’ll be a lot.
  • And yes… probably the best deal of it all, you get instant access to all my current books, and also future books that I’m releasing. You get permanent access forever!

all books collage

This Shit Called Life: Can We Stop Meditating and Go Grab a beer? 

Read the amazing book filled inspirational and funny stories that go straight to the point in helping turn your life around! And oh, it has a TON of 5-star reviews on amazon too.

Making Zense: Find Your Spirit Animal Or Whatever

Feeling aimless and purposeless in this gigantic world? Feeling confused and lost in the sea of people? This book is ZEN personified. Read this and feel a sense of purpose so large that you’d be able to leave your legacy and footprints in this world.

100 Things Happy People Don’t Give a Fuck About!

Wanna be happy? This instant happiness for you. No bullshit and fluff. Just read this so you can stop giving a fuck about the wrong things in life! (Comes with a free workbook to track your progress!)

Ready Your Life

Need motivation and confidence to achieve your goals in life? Need the step-by-step guidance so you can start doing what you love? This is for you!

Street Smart Social: Become Popular The Honest Way

Are you being hindered by shyness and social anxiety? Are you afraid of talking to people? This book right here is gonna eliminate all of that!

Zen Blogging: The Little Book Of Writing Mastery

Want to start a blog, your own online business and write inspiring blog posts? My guide right here will do just that for you. You wanna make money doing what you love and have earnings like below?! This book is for you!



Revive Your Life

Learn to “wake up” and “unplug” from the matrix of life. Realize that there’s more to life than just studying, working an 8-to-5 and well, being unhappy forever.

And the new book, Fuck The Universe: Solving Your Shit With Advice That Isn’t Stupid!


Sick of cliches and self-help bullshit by pretentious assholes that make no sense?! This book is for you then! It’s going to rock your work with its hard-hitting AND funny shit that will make you rethink your life.

Expect yourself to be transformed!

Each of these books are selling at $27 each by the way. For whatever specific problem you have in life, one of these will help you the fuck out!

So Let’s Review What You’re Getting Today In the Club…

Exclusive, daily inspiring newsletter straight to your inbox- [Worth $97]

Personal access to Alden for private, VIP guidance- [Worth $97]

Mastermind Inner-circle group – [Worth $97]

All of Alden’s books – [Worth $189]

Total value- $507

But as new members of this club, you get all of this at a one time payment of only $17! This is a one-time price that gives you value forever. Once you’re in, you get free, awesome goodies non-stop!

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Still unconvinced? Oh, just check out what these satisfied members have been saying about my writing all along.

“You are a UNIQUE and IMPACTFUL yet FUN TO READ style of writing and I love how you share your life with us. KEEP UP THE GREAT WRITING!”

– Linda

“You are just adorable and so wise in your youth!!!  I am so enjoying reading your e-mails (and FUCK is one of my fav words!  lol). Reading your e-mails and articles brings humor and a sense of “I can do this” to me.  Thank you and keep ’em coming!!”

– Debbie

“I just want to let you know that your newsletter has helped me so much. Thanks alot from the bottom of my heart. It gave me the ‘zing’ to step back into life. That’s pretty amazing thanks again.”

– from Trinidad and Tobago

“Hey, I just wanted to let you know that you are amazing and I love your e-mails. They always seem to designate with what I am going through. You’re doing an amazing job and that is the most important thing. Thanks for keeping it real!”

– Brenda Boe

“Dear Alden, I love your letters (messages)! I’m so grateful to you cause you really touch my soul. But the most important in you is, your ability to put your finger in the other wounds, and create an aura of “don’t worry, in fact life is much simple than you think”.Thanks so much!”

– Noémia

“Your emails are very inspiring; for some reason it seems like you know me. Everytime I read one of your emails its like you just picked my brain and put it in front of me to see what I’ve been stressing about in writing it always make it easier for me to find a solution. Thanks always.”

– Faith

“Thanks Alden 🙂 If you are reading this mail, I gotta tell you that your posts have been really helpful 🙂 It’s so encouraging to read your posts in my inbox,,..especially through a tough time I am having in my life right now…..Keep up the good work…it means a lot :)”

– Avaa

“I fuckin adore you Alden! You brighten my life as well as my 12 year old son’s as well!! I read your emails to him everytime because you blow me away!! You always say EXACTLY what I need to hear!! You are awesome!! Ya feel me?! :)”

– Lisa

“Your writing is refreshingly honest. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts and ideas with me. I think you’ve got an incredibly raw and real outlook on life, and sharing that outlook has definitely helped me to approach situations from a different perspective which has helped me enjoy the little moments in-between “life” that everyone misses out on in search for something bigger and greater than themselves. So, thank you!

You have a beautiful soul. Never stop blogging 🙂 x”

– Tam

“Yo Alden! You’re a fucking inspiration to me! I went through your book yesterday and I fucking loved it! It sparked an energy in me!”

– Amaanu

“Opening up your emails really hits the spot. I’ve no regrets joining the club. Thanks!”

– Brad

“Your stuff has helped me through some tough shit this year and helped me keep my chin up. It also has helped me see things more clearly. Thanks.”

– Craig

“I wrote ‘TREASURE’ at top of the outside page of your book because it sure as hell is treasure.’

– Palesa

“I’ve been receiving your emails and every time I read them, it makes me laugh and even cry. I enjoy them so much as they’re so awesome and truthful. Please keep writing as it makes a huge difference in my life as they’re AMAZING!

– Windy

Yes! Give Me Permanent Access!





money back guarantee

After joining the club, if you feel like your life is not changing for the better, I offer a no questions asked 60 Days Money Back Guarantee. I will do it immediately.

Sounds fair?

I Cannot Possibly

Make It Easier and Cheaper For You

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So you ready to be part of something huge? Ready to become happier and lead a life you can be proud of?

If you’ve read this far, I know you want in on this.


As I said… Happiness doesn’t have to be hard. It’s easy.

I don’t care whether you think you’re too old, you’re not worthy or that you think it’s too late.

It’s never too late and you are THAT SPECIAL… so much so you deserve to be happy.

If you feel unhappy now, isn’t it time you do something about it?


Join the club, and I GUARANTEE you’ll be saying, “My name is [insert your name here], and I am part of something fucking amazing! My life is so great now that I feel bad for people who aren’t in it. Don’t get too jealous y’all!”


$17 is not a lot. It’s only a haircut, a couple of (unhealthy) Starbucks coffee, a MacDonalds meal (which is super fatty and bad for you), a couple of movie tickets or whatever.

All of that can wait or even thrown aside! Isn’t it time you start INVESTING in yourself?

Wouldn’t it be better to spend on something meaningful before you buy some crap and start regretting altogether?

Hell, I wish I had something like this when I was younger so I could speed up my growth.

Don’t hold back on your happiness anymore. Give birth to the happy creature within. It wants to come out.

Life is too short to be anything less than happy.


Click below to get started and get permanent access!

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