The final truth: You must care about what others think of you

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I met a dude who, upon first meeting, asked me to lend him two dollars. He also said, “Are you the type who expects the money to be returned? I won’t return unless it’s a big amount.”

I immediately thought, “Who the flying fuck in this rude idiot who doesn’t even know how to borrow money?” and put my note back into my wallet.

I know of people who would go to person’s house for the first time and do stupid shit like putting their feet up on the table.

I had friends who would blatantly ask you how big your salary is just so they can compare.

As I was growing up, I was a good looking dude with shit social skills.

I knew I looked good because my mom and aunts told me so.

I didn’t give a fuck about anything else because I concluded I was blessed with good genes.

Then I wore track shoes with jeans…

And I didn’t speak well. I mumbled and slurred like a dude high on drugs.

Do I care about what others think of me?

Yes I do.

Everybody does.

This whole “Don’t give a fuck about what others think” is an overrated idea hippies or idiotic life coaches out there like to advocate.

Yes, it’s good to stop caring about others’ judgment or opinions, especially if it’s toxic.

But you can’t stop caring to the point you’re an oblivious moron who doesn’t know what the hell is really going on.

That’s just bad social etiquette.

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