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Dec 04      Are You A Self-Help Blowhard? Take This Quiz!

Nov 27      You Work Really Hard And You’re Still Not Rich Or Famous. So The Fuck What? (21 Cool Reasons)

Nov 21      Life Wasn’t Made To Be Fair, So Don’t Bother Playing Fair

Nov 19      A Totally Non-Influencer Style Article On My Trip To Bali

Nov 09      Age: Not Just A Number Mind You

Nov 08      You Need To Dig Really Fucking Deep Because Saying You Love It Isn’t Enough

Nov 06      Why ‘Living’ Is Simply The Only Answer You Need In Your Life To All Your Problems

Nov 03      The 9 Different Ways Your Real Friends And Your Enablers Will Treat You

Oct 30      Trust Me, No Matter How Many Times You Play It Out In Your Head, It Will Never Be Perfect

Oct 27      How To Let The Entire World Know That You’re And Insecure And Unhappy Person In 9 Easy Steps

Oct 26      Here’s To You, The Loser Who Feels Bad All The Time Edit

Oct 23      Fucking Love Yourself, Bitch

Oct 20      Have some faith in yourself for fuck’s sake

Oct 19      Why you should give a fuck though we’re all going to die

Oct 17      I choose to see the love in it and maybe you should too

Oct 12      12 deep observations of life I made from 32 years of my life

Oct 10      My honest and ass-kicking post on how to start healing from depression or other mental illnesses

Oct 09      It’s not going to make any fucking sense and that’s how you become better

Aug 09      School, fear, things and just getting over’em

Aug 04      Maybe it’s time to change Self-help into Please-Help-Me?

Aug 02      Controversial advice: Be selfish and give a shit about yourself

Jul 31      Why the selfie girl disgusts me the most

Jul 25      I love being a writer so much that I got a pen tattooed on me

Jul 20      Why passion isn’t just about quitting your job to follow your dream

Jul 19      How I never gave up after six years of blogging

Jul 17      The paradox of not giving a shit anymore

Jul 05      I am a fraud and that’s why I am exposing myself to you here

Jul 03      Musings: I’d rather go for a wake than a wedding

Jun 29      How shitty should you feel and how much fun should you be having?

Jun 27      Funny how good things are usually said after someone dies or after there’s a breakup

Jun 22      Hold up! You’re approaching dating totally WRONG!

Jun 20      Never take advice from people who were lucky

Jun 16      There should be a limit to “no excuses”

Jun 14      Toxicity is but a subtle thief

Jun 12      “Please. No more small talk, I want to know about the universe floating in your eyes”

Jun 09      When you reach out for real advice or just a listening ear and you get this stupid shit instead…

Jun 08      If someone sounds too stupid to be real, it means they probably aren’t

Jun 07      Look man, luck is real and does play a big role in life

Jun 06      I like to be Liked, is there a problem?

Jun 05      Somewhere out there is somebody who thinks Harry Potter is a piece of shit, and that is that

Jun 02      It is only

Jun 01      Work hard. Work Smart. Work with feelings

May 31      If You Jump At The Chance To Be Mean, The Relationship Is Already Over

May 30      Thank you gay friends with Gaydar

May 29      The Irony Of People Who Love To “Hustle”

May 26      A Hero’s Real Strength

May 25      Lucky guys

May 24      A judge judges, that’s why we do the same

May 23      What do you think of my movie idea: “Inspire” A story about a teacher accused of kidnapping and raping two of his students

May 22      Why can’t we acknowledge that there’s all kinds of suffering?

May 19      Things I hate as an introvert #4: Running into friends randomly outside by chance

May 18      The problem with going viral

May 17      “He/she is like that” is not a legitimate reason

May 16      Just because you got hurt before doesn’t mean you get to hurt others

May 15      The new age of infidelity

May 12      Things I hate as an introvert #3: Being assumed you’re sad when you choose to be alone

May 11      No, I don’t love life

May 10      Look at these freaking weirdos

May 09      How to get over your first breakup [Short story]

May 08      “If it’s so easy, then the entire world would be doing the same” EXTENDED EDITION

May 05      Things I hate as an introvert #2: Group chats

May 04      Convenient answers

May 03      The problem with “actually” being a nice person

May 02      Stop using emoticons to flirt with girls

May 01      For highly empathetic people

Apr 28      Nobody knows how you go to bed every night

Apr 27      Things I hate as an introvert #1: Group fucking photos

Apr 26      Maybe getting a divorce is the new benchmark for love

Apr 25      When you consciously fuck up, the pain is always greater

Apr 24      Cliched advice will never work for people who are still trying

Apr 21      Social media is turning us into sneaky ass bastards

Apr 20      If it’s something important to you, then it ain’t shallow

Apr 19      Art is feeling

Apr 18      It’s like suddenly, you realize you get to be okay

Apr 17      Honesty is dark, and abstract

Mar 27      The racist customer

Mar 07      Maybe happiness isn’t a choice

Mar 06      How to know if you truly love him or her

Feb 27      Your dreams are fucking overrated

Feb 20      Level up like a hero in this life

Feb 13      When smartphones stop being smart

Feb 10      The final truth: You must care about what others think of you

Feb 08      The self-help space is the most ironic space

Feb 06      You never know how it is that they go to bed

Feb 02      Friends do have the right to fight over a guy or a girl

Jan 31      At The End Of Your Day, THIS Is The Only Fucking Thing That Matters

Jan 18      Being an introvert is not an excuse though

Jan 17      The most sensible horror story ever

Jan 13      The easiest way to have fun

Jan 11      “He started it”

Jan 10      So like, that’s why people die you know?

Jan 09      Masturbate and wonder

Jan 06      Nice Club

Jan 03      Types

Jan 02      Musings of a marriage counsellor for couples cheating on each other with virtual reality

Jan 01      That’s Okay


Nov 19      There is a huge difference between love and obsession

Nov 14      Date someone from far away once in your life

Nov 10      I want my relationships to be perfect and without any bullshit standards. Is that wrong?

Nov 08      Heaven is a clickbait media company

Nov 01      How is it some people become super successful and rich from doing what they love and feel like it’s not work at all?!

Oct 28      [Contest] Sexy gifts ideas for your wife, or whoever you’re seeing (Win a sexy gift worth $55!)

Oct 24      Interview With Bboy Thesis: On Depression, Dance, Life And Battling Them On All Grounds

Oct 21      Why “Be yourself” is shit advice

Oct 19      [Short horror story]- I got addicted to the deep, dark web and now I can’t stop

Oct 18      I am an angry dude who has never gotten into a fight before, so I went to Thailand to learn some Muay Thai

Oct 17      Yo, stop being a fucking cliche and stop living your stereotype

Oct 16      Pre-orders and prepackages: A story on human slaves for kids with special needs

Oct 13      Maybe it’s in our collective consciousness that’s allowing bad things to happen in this world

Oct 03      Hey! Check out this new life hack I discovered! It’s called: Fuck your stupid life hacks

Sep 30      6 things I learnt from seeing a therapist

Sep 28      My Passion: The Beauty Of Bboying (Or Breakdancing For The Layman)

Sep 26      What it is like to lose a loved one you grew up with

Sep 19      I am now writing on Steemit!

Sep 09      Smooth and flow

Sep 08      An open letter to my late dad

Sep 06      Untold secrets of living life to the fullest

Sep 02      My bitch face


Aug 25      Check their damn qualifications first

Aug 18      Two angels and a cult

Aug 15      3 Wishes

Aug 05      The artist is not the scientist

Aug 02      Everyone is already judging you, the fuck you talking about?

Jul 29      At first you don’t succeed, laugh, laugh again

Jul 25      Just fuck it

Jul 21      The approval of others really don’t matter

Jul 18      Give a fuck about something

Jul 11      20 things that are so easy that they’re ultimate useless to you

Jun 27      Nobody up there gives a fuck how nice you are

Jun 20      The Hero Of The Zombie Apocalypse

Jun 13      We all do care about what others think

May 25      The no.1 thing to consider when choosing a life partner

May 20      7 Pieces of advice they will never teach you in college

May 16      Nobody Gives A Flying Fuck About You

May 11      7 of the quickest ways to get people to trust you

May 09      The Craziest Thing A Girl Said To Me In Bed (So Like Erm, You Won’t Believe What She Said!)

Apr 29      How to tell somebody you love that they’re getting fat

Apr 20      Hanging out with a homeless guy in Sydney

Apr 18      How To Deal With Depression, Anxiety And Low Self-Esteem

Apr 15      Stupid shit I stopped doing after I turned 30

Apr 13      The Epic And Awesome Guide To Writing Blog Articles Like A True Artist That People Want To Read And Share!

Apr 10      Keanu Reeves says, “People you cannot hide from your poison.”

Apr 09      Read this if you’re in your twenties and really lazy as hell

Apr 05      Karma is bullshit

Apr 02      100 Ways To Fuck Up Your Entire Life

Mar 31      Why We Feel Bad

Mar 29      How to radically change your life today

Mar 27      Don’t Live Everyday Like It’s Your Last. Live Like This Instead

Mar 25      10 Ways To Be Really Ugly And Unattractive

Mar 23      7 Pieces of Business Advice From Successful People That Are Actually Worthless

Mar 22      It Doesn’t Take A Genius To Be An Adult

Mar 21      The 5 Most Important Lessons For a Man To Learn In Life

Mar 18      Why it’s okay to be average and mediocre

Mar 15      Are looks that important in life? How to get over the idea that you think you’re ugly

Mar 10      Give Yourself Some Fucking Love Today

Mar 08      I’ve Anger Issues And This Is Why I Choose To Remain Angry

Mar 04      The 6 stages all introverts go through as they grow up

Mar 01      Boy Story

Feb 27      How to get a girl to like you

Feb 24      20 celebrities encouraging the hell out of you so you can be happy and motivated

Feb 22      Be disgusted with yourself, until you’re not disgusted

Feb 21      Real Talk 28: Should you quit your boring job to do what you love?

Feb 17      How to finally understand women

Feb 15      Real Talk 27: Read this if you feel like a failure who hasn’t done shit in life

Feb 14      Real Talk 26: There is no perfect environment

Feb 11      Real Talk 25: This is what bullies feel like all the time

      20 honest Valentine’s Day cards for couples who hate boring cliches

Feb 09      Real Talk 24: Why “be yourself” is crap advice

Feb 08      Real Talk 23: Sometimes you work and feel the pain for meaning

Feb 07      Real Talk 22: Happiness is a tall, pint of cold beer

Feb 04      Real Talk 21: The reality of online marketing and how you can stop being scammed

Feb 03      The Gods who created the world

Feb 02      Real Talk 20: 7 ways to stop being a little bitch so you can actually get the girl

Feb 01      Real Talk 19: If you live by this, you deserve to die

Jan 29      Real Talk 18: The things we do when we’re alone

      Real Talk 17: How to be the asshole who has a heart of gold

Jan 27      How to overcome procrastination

Jan 26      Real Talk 16: What I learnt from a really cheesy movie with a dumb title

Jan 25      My honest advice to people who want to start a blog

Jan 22      Real Talk 15: Letter to the kid who eats alone

Jan 20      Sticky

Jan 19      Real Talk 14: Love just isn’t enough

Jan 18      Real Talk 13: What it’s like to witness death

Jan 17      Real Talk 12: You’re a big fat loser if you’re the nice guy who finishes last

Jan 15      Real Talk 11: Don’t lead a headline life

Jan 13      Real Talk 10: Let’s stop filtering reality to really live

Jan 12      Real Talk 9: Nobody really knows what they’re doing

Jan 11      Real Talk 8: 20 things to remember on your first date

Jan 08      Real Talk 8: Excuses are not reasons

Jan 07      Real Talk 7: How to trick people into thinking you’re really sophisticated

Jan 06      Real Talk 6: Looks fucking matter

Jan 05      Real Talk 5: The secret to life in 3 fucking easy points

Jan 04      Real Talk 4: Your thoughts are your reality

Jan 03      Real Talk 3: Don’t dwell on shit

Jan 02      Real Talk 2: It gets fucking better

Jan 01      Real Talk 1: Stop being a little bitch


Dec 31      A look back at 2015 where I did everything I wanted

Nov 25      First you fall, then you fly

Nov 24      You’re not supposed to make romance hard

Nov 23      Be the fuck alone

Nov 13      Camaraderie

Nov 10      Why I write today and the power of books and stories

Nov 06      The Art of Practice

Nov 05      How getting my first tattoo liberated me

Nov 03      Your life is not a joke

Nov 02      This is how easy it is for you to be ugly

Oct 30      The tale of the wise man who didn’t give a fuck

Oct 29      5 Secrets To Letting Go Of Anger

Oct 28      You were not born an angry baby

Oct 27      Fuck your dreams: The work is the goal

Oct 23      3 simple rules for you to lead a meaningful life

Oct 22      How to keep making mistakes in your life (without realizing that you are)

Oct 21      Revive Your Life is back! Free book!

Oct 20      A god is nothing to a non-believer

Oct 19      Shit doesn’t fall onto your lap. Opportunities must be grabbed

Oct 17      Believe in yourself so much that people think you’re nuts

Oct 16      Learn how to end your day right

Oct 14      24 ways to not take life too seriously so you can be happy

Oct 13      One easy and manly way to instantly make your day better: Talk to strangers

Oct 12      This article is for all the whiny guys out there

Oct 10      When did it become okay to lower our standards and settle for b.s.?

Oct 09      Be all style and all substance

Oct 08      The true definition of beauty and ugly

Oct 07      What I tell people when they experience death of a loved one

Oct 06      Assholes do not apologize

Oct 05      Sorry is an F word

Oct 01      The real meaning of true love

Sep 27      15 bullshit lies we tell ourselves to avoid whatever

Sep 23      You know this shit

Sep 22      It’s never logical

Sep 15      Finally! A proper guide to completely getting out of your comfort zone

Sep 06      8 reasons why I don’t feel old after leaving my twenties

Aug 12      How to transform your life and turn it around by chilling out

Jul 29      The joyful roots of happiness

Jul 12      Unpopular opinion: Is it really so bad to have a clingy girlfriend?

Jul 07      Eventually you’d get there, and there, and there…

Jul 06      How to find and make real friends and love them all your life

Jul 02      What a pervert at a beach taught me about human behavior

Jun 30      100 unlikely tips for a meaningful and happy life

Jun 26      Confessions: I hate my job

Jun 25      Tales of an honest douchebag

Jun 22      An honest essay: Lost in business, art and helping others

Jun 20      Lessons from having diarrhea this week

Jun 17      When you make a special friend for the first time for the rest of your life

Jun 15      When somebody calls you out on your anger

Jun 11      When I was really young a teacher punched me

Jun 10      9 things you learn when you get away from it all

May 07      The things we don’t thank people for enough

May 06      7 ways to stop feeling old as you grow older

May 04      You aren’t small, but your problems are small

Apr 30      Only bitches are late

Apr 29      Sometimes taking a break and fucking off is the answer

Apr 16      Being BUSY is absolute bullshit

Apr 14      Where did all the non-bullshit relationships go?

Apr 10      Maybe we all want the pain

Apr 08      Maybe you have already made it

Apr 06      The little human and the angel

Apr 02      An open letter to my 18-year-old self

Apr 01      8 life lessons from going through a bunch of breakups

Mar 31      Don’t say “Shit” when somebody dies

Mar 30      Don’t look around

Mar 27      Clear your fast food tray already

Mar 26      An open letter to guys who put down girls who wear too much makeup

Mar 25      7 self-help cliches you need to get real with

Mar 24      The importance of money and how to balance it out

Mar 17      The Man himself: Diary of a hero

Mar 13      3 life lessons from watching porn and Bangbros

Mar 11      What thinking I was going to die young taught me about life

Mar 10      7 of the biggest fucking losers I’ve met and what you can learn from them

Mar 09      Maybe you should stop being a dramatic bitch

Mar 08      Ask the terrifying but honest questions

Mar 04      Turn all your little experiences into HUGE dreams

Feb 24      5 secrets from being angry and getting over it

Feb 04      Announcement: Can you help Eliminate World Anger?

Jan 16      15 important lessons from being semi-successful

Jan 14      How to easily win respect and charisma: Just one trick

Jan 12      Car breaks down: Impromptu picnic by the road then!

Jan 11      Fuck Vision Boards

Jan 09      Maybe we’re all a little too spoiled

Jan 08      Think about your online hater for a second


Dec 29      When your heroes aren’t real: How a fantasy book mage helped me during my nerdy days

Dec 22      2014 publishing roundup: After the fear of falling

Dec 18      The Cringe

Dec 17      7 things I learnt from quitting Facebook

Dec 10      You’re weird and that’s actually cool

Dec 08      A week of mourning: 6 life lessons from watching a love on go (beer included)

Nov 24      How the death of my dad turned me into an asshole

Nov 17      It’s way too fucking easy to be a loser

Nov 02      Evolving as Alden Tan

Nov 01      18 other important things besides love that make or break a relationship

Oct 28      I watched my friend punch a little dude once. Some realizations on toughness and anger

Oct 22      21 lessons from being in a long-distance relationship (which people thought wouldn’t work out)

Oct 21      Be yourself… unless you suck

Oct 17      Why assholes exist

Oct 13      I’m getting drunk to write something inspirational. And this is the result.

Oct 09      This is an ode to the unappreciated, the bullied, the judged and the misunderstood

Oct 07      7 things guys need to stop being proud of

Sep 19      This shouldn’t be inspirational: Lessons from going broke with $33 in the bank

Sep 16      Straight guy confession: Why I prefer to hang out with gay people sometimes

Sep 10      Why you need to avoid life coaches and their pretentious bullshit

Sep 08      Nearly 30 and still an angsty boy: Age… just a number?

Sep 02      A shift in aggression: What we need to do to stop young dudes from being so pissed off

Aug 28      17 grim lessons from three years of doing what you love

Aug 27      I did the ALS Ice Bucket challenge for my late dad

Aug 13      A tale of two dudes: 1 safe virgin, 1 sleazy fat ass

Aug 10      The monster in all of us: Why good people want other good people to die

Aug 07      A $1000 wake-up call

Aug 06      All the harsh secrets to life in one blog post

Aug 04      What to tell others when they say you can’t do what you love

Aug 01      16 signs of the Modern Coward

Jul 30      The ultimate guide to being happy in a relationship

Jul 16      11 signs you’re hanging out with a fake friend

Jul 14      15 things to tell yourself to calm the angry monster in you

Jul 10      How to not take things personally

Jul 08      8 “Friendly” Pieces of Life Advice you should never take

Jul 04      13 assholes experiencing instant karma

Jun 27      You aren’t going to die from this

Jun 26      20 success secrets you ought to know by now

Jun 25      How to pick yourself up after “failure”

Jun 24      We all want to be that guy…

Jun 20      Why you shouldn’t just be a nice person

Jun 14      The truth about self-help (and generally taking in advice)

Jun 12      The Young Adult success guide during and after school

Jun 09      7 motivational bloggers who don’t give stupid advice

Jun 05      How to stop being so confused in this world

Jun 04      13 kinds of flowery bullshit people say to manipulate you

Jun 02      A Jew, Christian and Atheist walk into a bar…

Jun 01      The “right” things in life don’t guarantee happiness

May 30      Don’t become the kid who tries to out yell the other kid

May 29      843 days to online success: The ultimate newbie’s guide [Part 2]

      People are afraid of others’ success

May 28      3 years in the game: The 5 ways you evolve when you don’t give up

May 19      My uncensored truth on making money doing what you love

May 06      If you want different results, then do something different

May 01      Free only for a couple of days: My Kindle Book

Apr 30      The Life Check list: 12 Immature things that make you look like a bitch

Apr 29      the funny adventures of Alden Tan

Apr 28      How to find “The One”

Apr 25      The truth about assholes (A reader was harassing me)

Apr 24      Stop thinking everyone wins over you

Apr 23      Why you should be angry in a relationship

Apr 22      Strange girls talking shit behind my back

Apr 21      Why I don’t believe in marrying your first love or at a young age

Apr 20      This is the meaning of real beauty

Apr 18      I don’t think online dating is lame

Apr 17      20 regrets in life you really don’t want to have

Apr 16      I got a threat from a reader

Apr 15      My letter of assurance to you

Apr 14      What a little fat kid taught me about life

Apr 13      How to Not Give More of a Fuck About Your Partner than Yourself

Apr 10      19 signs you’re totally dating the wrong person altogether

Apr 08      13 things you probably didn’t know about me

Apr 07      I was pretty damn stupid (and how I became valedictorian)

Apr 05      IF you accept unconditional love, then jolly well accept unconditional assholeness

Apr 03      This is a call out to the self-help world and all its bullshit practitioners

Apr 01      The 11 undeniable paths to be an average person

Mar 27      20 really stupid things to complain about

Mar 24      Why women date assholes

Mar 20      10 things to tell yourself when you feel super sad and depressed

Mar 17      We’re all full of shit

Mar 15      7 life lessons I learnt from meeting my girlfriend’s parents for the first time

Mar 04      20 ways you’re playing life wrong

Feb 28      Book Launch! It’s out!

Feb 26      31 things extremely confident people do differently. #10 is a no-brainer.

Feb 24      46 in-your-face quotes with pretty pictures to wake your ass up in life

Feb 20      How to be the manliest man in the universe (with or without a beard)

Feb 18      9 fucking good habits you can start now

Feb 17      17 things you need to stop saying to yourself

Feb 16      Ignorance is part of trust

Feb 13      7 things about Valentine’s Day that’s going through in your head (and you ought to admit it)

Feb 11      Relationships are too easy

Feb 08      Confidence is not predicting the future

Feb 06      A story of not taking shit from arrogant people

Jan 31      The 24-Hours No Excuses rule

Jan 23      Love your anger

Jan 20      843 days to online success: The ultimate newbie’s guide [Part 1]

Jan 15      One simple trick to drown out the haters

Jan 13      New and Free book! 12 Things Happy People Don’t Give a Fuck About!

Jan 12      An ode to Introverts

Jan 10      Feel fucked up and do it anyway

Jan 08      26 totally useless things for your well-being

Jan 06      Bangkok: The carnival of South East Asia

Jan 01      14 changes you should try to aim for in 2014


Dec 30      A look back at 2013

Dec 26      13 quotes on positivity that need a makeover

Dec 24      Interview with Aaron Jackson: Exposer of The Truth

Dec 20      15 videos of soldiers’ homecoming that’d make your Xmas spirit explode

Dec 19      I’m sensitive and petty (and I love my being different)

Dec 16      20 things I wish I knew when I was 20

Dec 12      December #dontgiveafuck challenge day 4: Why you need to get over your ex

Dec 11      December #dontgiveafuck challenge Day 3: Stop trying to please everybody

Dec 10      December #dontgiveafuck Challenge Day 2: Why you should stop planning and say fuck it!

Dec 09      December #dontgiveafuck Challenge Day 1: How to not be bothered by the state of the world

Dec 08      Couple of huge ass anouncements (new book cover revealed)

Dec 06      Interview with God: The almighty on Facebook who actually saves lives

Dec 03      How to find relationships in the right places so you don’t end up with bitches and douchebags


Dec 01      How to not give up

Nov 30      21 things to ask yourself to truly wake up in life

Nov 28      Annoying shit entrepreneurs say

Nov 23      Interview with Colin Wright from Exile Lifestyle: Traveller, writer and all-rounded nice dude!

Nov 18      How to get out of your comfort zone by saying “Fuck it”

Nov 14      The Not Give a Fuck Q&A Debut! Ask me anything and I shall reply.

Nov 12      I went for therapy once you know…

Nov 07      20 cancer stories that would inspire faith and courage

Nov 04      Hate of the Week: Some chick thought I was scamming her

Oct 31      100 hard lessons I inevitably learnt from blogging

Oct 29      I emailed my readers asking for help, but I realized I’ve been changing lives instead

Oct 26      What to do when things don’t go your way

Oct 19      The ultimate guide to why meditation is the cure to your problems

Oct 10      The world is yours and nothing can stop you

Oct 08      How to spot a blessing in disguise and how to use it

Oct 04      39 kinds of hardcore advice 20-somethings need to know

Sep 30      Don’t forget to have fun

Sep 27      Why am I so vulgar? Bigger question is: Why can’t you live your own fucking life your own fucking way?

Sep 26      Simple reasons why you’re fucking awesome

Sep 25      Quiet your damn mind…

Sep 24      Drop all your shit and let’s have a fucking beer

Sep 22      How to be fearless, brave and courageous in one awesome package (plus sad story of a friend)

Sep 21      Why you should stop giving a fuck (and my new look!)

Aug 16      Stop looking up to successful people feat. a ninja

Aug 14      How to stand up against bullies once and for all

Aug 12      The real dangers of caring about what others think of you

Aug 10      Are you an in-betweener? That’s awesome!

Aug 08      You’ve the right to do whatever it is you want

Aug 07      It’s time for you to enter the new age

Aug 05      How to mindfuck assholes

Aug 04      Be fucking proud of who you’re with

Jul 29      How to not regret anything

Jul 02      How you should START getting off social media for a better life

Jul 01      How to get your shit together

Jun 28      “He’s profiting over his dad’s death”

Jun 26      Take a fucking break

Jun 19      This is what happens when you’re too dumb to unsubscribe and why you should stop blaming the world

      “Way too many people do things in life due to some retarded obligation”

Jun 18      Passion is truth

Jun 11      Hate of the week: “Alden, why are you so vulgar?”

Jun 06      Why you should stop reading eBooks… or not

Jun 05      33 real things about meeting people (so you can start being sociable)

May 29      13 blunt truths to hopefully wake your ass up

May 24      How to judge people so you don’t make loser friends

May 22      Have you had your best day ever yet?

May 17      Your thoughts are not you

May 16      5 transformational habits successful people somehow have

May 15      The #1 reason to why you’re allowed to be selfish

May 14      5 inspiring stories that need a makeover

May 13      Why “Taking action” is overrated bullshit

May 09      The complete guide to getting a life

May 07      A letter to my 18 year-old self

May 02      The beginner’s guide to getting self-esteem and self-confidence

Apr 24      The honest to goodness guide to why you should start a blog for a crazily awesome future

Apr 22      7 things about yourself you need to get over to walk the path of awesome

Apr 18      Why being called a “natural” is complete bullshit

Apr 17      Getting real with passion and how to fully utilize it

Apr 16      Something always bigger in life

Apr 15      You need to go “all in” when finding the right people in life

Apr 11      10 South Park quotes teaching you how live life

Apr 08      That horrendous in-between feeling

Apr 03      The honest and real guide to using the Law of Attraction (and other stuff)

Mar 27      What is your ONE thing?

Mar 14      The art of taking the Leap of Faith

Mar 08      Interview with Mark Manson: He attracts women with honesty

Mar 05      5 lessons learnt from working in a club for 5 years

Mar 01      February Roundup!

Feb 27      10 years of losing to finally win your first victory

Feb 24      An honest and real guide to getting over your fears

Feb 20      Huge Milestone! Webinar coming up and I’m hosting!

Feb 18      Reader’s Digest and being mentioned by a millionaire in a video

Feb 14      How To Get Stronger From Screwing Up

Feb 08      What keeps me going (thanks)

Feb 06      Let’s fuck self-help up

Feb 05      I’ve been living a lie

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