The 5 Most Important Lessons For a Man To Learn In Life

1) “Just because you’ve something to complain about doesn’t mean that you should.”

So stop whining. Stop pouting. Stop being a little bitch. Seek for the solution instead of constantly focusing on the problem.

This automatically makes you stand out. People will respect you for this. Only average people whine and complain non-stop.

Leaders will take charge and solve the damn thing.

2) If it’s just a little pain, man up, gather your balls and fight through it.

You’re not going to die from it. So stop complaining. What’s a little life without some pain? You’re not a girl. Heck, even some girls make for better men.

This picture encapsulates everything. So stop being a little bitch!


3) Learn how to talk to women

I believe this covers everything when it comes to looking good, speaking well and being a gentleman, all to become the man you should be.

So learn how to talk to women. When you do so, you can gain confidence in other aspects of your life too.

Cover it all!

Speak properly.

Work out to lose weight.

Cut your hair. Trim.

Get nice clothes.

Access yourself.

Also, you don’t attract women automatically just because you’re a nice guy. Being nice doesn’t guarantee good things in your life. If you want something, go all out for it.

4) Learn how to let go of shit

Part of being a man is being able to let go of things despite life not treating you the way that it should.

Injustice. Unfairness. Random shit happening to you despite you being a good person.

It happens!

And as a man, you gotta let it go.

DO it in your own way though, be it forgiving someone, not thinking about it at all or just focusing on your own shit to move forward.

Don’t let the little things in life get in the way. They never matter in the grand scheme of things.

5) Find the perfect balance between manliness and sensitivity to everything including yourself

I personally believe that being a man is finding that balance between caring about your feelings and also ignoring them.

Yes, be a man. Let go of shit. Ignore the pain. Just go with it.

But, be sensitive too (and use your brain.) Don’t ignore the pain if it means you’re going to die. Don’t be so insensitive such that you ignore how you truly feel and others’ feelings too. You gotta know yourself really well to feel for others.

You need that balance for today’s world. We are not cavemen anymore.

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