The 5 kinds of guys you don’t want to be

While having a conversation with my friend the other day, we were talking about how cool we were and the things we did and did not do to avoid being, “that guy”.

What is “that guy”? It’s our definition of being referred to as a certain stereotype, that is generally uncool. I came up with 5 different personas that are generally uncool. Don’t take this post too seriously, if you happen to be one of them.

1) The lame barbeque guy

Whenever you go for a barbeque, there is always that one single person who tends the barbeque. What does he do? All he does is cook and grill the meat. For some reason, the barbeque man seems to take pride in the job a lot. As such, barbeque man cooks for everyone the whole night and nobody respects him! He doesn’t get to eat much or mingle much and that’s totally lame.

There’s me on the left looking. And that was all I did.

2) The buy-drinks-for-everyone guy

You and your friends have gone to the local food court for dinner. Everyone has gotten their own special dish for their own meal. Everyone has something to eat right? Correct. But everyone needs a drink too. So who’s going to volunteer to walk all the way to the drinks stall to get drinks? That guy!

The buy-drinks-for-everyone guy always volunteers to buy a drink for everyone. Yeah he’s pretty nice I guess, but he’s so lame. He ends up having to carry all the drinks and risk losing money, because who’s going to actually pay for his or her drink right? “I don’t have any small change now”, is always the answer. Hence, buy-drinks-for-everyone guy is nice, but poor.

This guy is lame

3) The comment-on-beautiful-girls’-pictures guy

There are many beautiful women out there, especially on Facebook. That is where they are “all out” with their pictures. All sorts of beautiful, carefully-angled pictures all over Facebook! And what actually follows these pictures? Nothing but tons of redundant comments by the comment-on-beautiful-girls’-pictures guy. Aside from the many comments, it’s even funnier how the comments mainly consist of mere compliments like “Wow this is such a great series of pictures!” even though the “series” is actually a bunch of vain pictures taken in the girl’s bedroom.

Or worse… he tries to hint at being asked out. “Haha wow! Looks like you had a fun time there! Wish I was there…”

Not only is he a loser, but also blind. Who comments on face where there are boobs?

4) The buy-drinks-for-girls guy

Don’t be this guy. Once you become this guy, you instantly lose respect from her. By buying her drink on the spot, you allow her to achieve what she wants, and that is to get a freebie off you. No it isn’t going to get you to score for sure.

These should be yours!

5) The “Protein Shake” guy

This guy is all about fitness and losing weight. He drinks protein shakes and diets a lot. As such, he tends to describe and break down his foods into its nutrients. He doesn’t eat food, he eats carbohydrates, proteins and fats. He is extremely annoying as he reminds his friends what kind of unhealthy junk they are eating, oh I am sorry, I mean what kind of toxins they are taking in into their system.

YEAH!!! I am fit, healthy, but annoying.

So now you know, don’t be any of these guys. Just be yourself. If being yourself entails being anyone of them, then get a life and change yourself.


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