The 24-Hours No Excuses rule


Sup guys,

I haven’t had time to really write a post, what with my girlfriend coming down and Lunar New Year being here and all. Also, I had to make a mad rush to the clinic a couple of nights ago as my girl had an allergic reaction to eating a friggin cashew nut. It was bad, but all good now!

Anyway, I decided to squeeze this post in. It’s called the 24-Hours No Excuses rule. It’s hardcore, so if you’re weak and shit, then I can’t help you.

I learnt about the idea from an interview I made with Joel Runyon from Impossible HQ. I decided to spruce things up.

It goes something like this:

There’re 24 hours in a day. 

Let me give you 8 hours of sleep.

You now have 16 hours.

And you’ve work I guess. You got your eight to five or nine to six. Subtract that shit, and you have 7 hours left.

What’s that? Commute? Okay. Let’s add in 2 hours for that. No, 3. You now have 4 hours.

But I’m not that brutal. We’re only human. Go take a nap. Sleep up to two hours even. You have 2 hours left.

You have 2 hours in every, single bloody day of your life to do whatever the fuck you want. You can work on your dream, you can go deal it out with your passion, you can go meditate, you can go take a walk, you can plan a realistic budget for your next vacation, you can create art, you can catch up with a friend, you can go work out or you can WHATEVER.

You can’t tell me your’re tired, because I already allowed you to nap for two hours. You’re also sleeping for eight hours which is arguably more than enough.

What? You’ve got to do over time? You’ve got insomnia? When you went for dinner and shit the queue was too long? Oh weh weh weh (that’s a crying baby sound by the way). Whatever. Just whatever okay? Solve your shit, and go make shit happen.

Hopefully this can wake your ass up so that you can see how privileged you are.

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