Thank you gay friends with Gaydar

When I was like 18, me and my friends would talk about girls all the time. Who liked who, who was hot, who was going with who etc.

Diversity in sexuality wasn’t a really a hot topic then. We assumed friends among friends were all straight.

When I hit my mid 20s, we’d start to suspect several friends to be gay. Why? Because we just weren’t that oblivious anymore. But we never really had any confirmation.

Now that I’ve hit 30 and have made a lot of gay friends, I would, out of fun show them pictures of friends I suspect are gay.

And their Gaydar confirmed it.

Was it a huge surprise? No, not really.

Is it a big deal? No. I am not homophobic.

It’s just another reminder to how as you grow up, things change around you, everyday.

You make these new discoveries all the time, and they’re great! Well, mostly.

You just never know people. And that’s fine.

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