What to tell others when they say you can’t do what you love


I was just watching X-Factor the other day with my girlfriend. She loves that shit.

And after one of the singers nailed the song, got a standing ovation and the judges gave their comments, the singer was like, “Yo… I just wanna tell everybody out there right now, there’s gonna be a lot of people who say you can’t do what you love.

But don’t give up! You CAN do what you love! YEAH!!!!!!!!”

Then he started crying his eyes out.

You know how it is…

Love is not in the air when it comes to cultural norms

You can’t do what you love today because we put in more emphasis on survival, stability and safety. Three Ss that has invaded our lives.

It’s not a bad thing, but they’ll never equate to happiness.

That is why people are not happy as they study all day, work all day, go on vacations once a year and pretty much live up to expectations set by others.

And when they realize that following all the rules doesn’t make them happy, they have to pass on their unhappiness to others.

They say that you can’t do what you love because it’s crazy! Whoever thought of the idea of doing what you love and making money at the same time?

It’s also unthinkable. Doing what you love every, single day for the rest of your life?

And throwing aside rules and norms society throws upon you? Blasphemy.

People are afraid of others’ success.

It’s not exactly their fault since they’ve been misguided all along.

But people have lost heart. And if you ask me, there are no excuses when it comes to the heart.

You owe it to yourself man. You owe it to yourself to fuel the passion that’s dying to come out. You owe it to yourself to use your god-given talents that were specially created for you. You owe it to the world for your heart alone can inspire the fuck out of anybody.

So, why get distracted?

With so much being held at stake, stop letting the unhappy people drag you down.

Tell them that you can, you will, you intend to and that you deserve to

Can, will, intend and deserve. These four words to me pretty much sums up any kind of affirmations you can use in life.

All you have to do is to remind yourself from time to time with these four words. Use them to energize your love. Nothing else matters.

Tell them that no one is a psychic

Just because you don’t follow the rules or do what is expected out of you doesn’t mean the results will be what you think.

Maybe you’ll suffer a little, but you most certainly won’t die. I can vouch for that. I hit rock bottom last year and worked my way up.

And maybe (this is the part nobody cares to think about when they should) you’ll become the best version of yourself.

You’ll become happy, You’ll fulfill those dreams. You’ll make a difference for yourself and others.

And since happiness is pretty much the end goal, you might as well be optimistic right from the start.

Tell them to fuck off

Because it gets really annoying and you ought to stand up for yourself. Be strong and be firm. Neither you or your dreams are pushovers. There’s always a limit to how much bullshit and discouragement you should take.

Tell them your story

This is not to say that you owe people an answer, but if they’re willing to listen, share with them your story.

Your story is always important be it in your life, your business or even when you’re introducing yourself to somebody you just met.

They’d most likely understand you better when they know your story.

This is my story about my dad’s death and how I got over it. I’m always very eager to share. It’s get better after you do it many times.

Tell them why they’re wrong and put them in their place

Call me spiteful, but yeah, sometimes you need to put them in their place. You don’t have to be sarcastic or defensive about this.

More often than not, their unhappiness has led them to say stupid shit to you. To tell you that you can’t do what you love is one thing. To make false accusations and insinuate you in a negative way is another.

I’ve no idea how many times people have asked me in a condescending manner, “What kind of work do you do? You’re at home all the time and you wake up in the afternoon.” and also once, “What are you doing with your life?” despite knowing that I run a blog.

And then I merely reply, “Unemployment does not mean idleness.”

This easily blows their mind because they never thought that there’d be anymore to think about when it comes to the idea of employment.

Oh and yes, I work from home. I wake up past noon every day but that’s because I’m up doing work till three in the morning, minimum. And I love it.

Tell them nothing can stop you

Because you need to believe in yourself and be confident.

Best to start acting like you do at least.

Tell them that they’re wrong

It doesn’t matter if you feel like you’re struggling or that you’re far off from reaching your goals.

Bottom line: Just because someone is raining shit on you and discouraging you to no end does not mean they’re right.

Remember, nobody is a psychic. What they say is not true. What they analyze and believe to be true according to their own life is also not true.

You live your own truth, so listen to your experience and memories. They’ll never lie to you.

Tell them, nay, show them the great things you’ve already done

Whatever endeavor or journey you’ve started, be proud of all the little things you’ve accomplished.

Then show and tell. Let others know about them.

That’s essentially how you push yourself to not give up. You don’t see how far it is you’re away from your dream or goal. You keep looking at the amazing shit you’ve already accomplished, then you say, “Look at how far I’ve come!”

The idea is to take pride in your work. If you don’t, then nobody else is going to for you.

Tell them nothing

Ignore them. Walk away. Find a better environment where it’s not clustered with negative people who only know how to discourage you.

Then keep taking action instead.

Talk is always cheap. Talk is easy. That’s why only average people talk. That’s why only losers talk down to others.

Real winners just keep making shit happen. And they’re happy doing what they love.

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  1. Jill Sobel - August 5, 2014 7:28 pm

    Hi Alden – I have been following your blog for a while now. I just want to write and say “thank you”. Thank you for your authentic articles, your honesty and for telling it like it is. I have become a farmer in mid-life and have received so much flack from people as I pursue my dreams. I have lost old friends (and of course have made new friends). I really want to start a blog about “new” farmers with “new” dreams in an old world. When i do you have inspired me to write with the honesty and brutal truth that needs to be spoken to people. Wherever I am at your posts always speak to me on that day. They encourage me to go on despite the flack from others and they encourage me to “not give a fuck” about what people say as I try to live my dream.

    Thank you, thank you, thank you from the bottom of my heart for every word you put out there to inspire us. I know it isn’t easy for you but I am grateful!

    Jill (fetchin farms, colorado)


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