Eliminate Shyness. Get Rid Of Social Anxiety. Stop Being Insecure. Start Going Out On Weekends And Meet People Confidently In Your Life, Your Way.

Do You Want To Start Living A Sociable And Popular Life?

You can start meeting people today if you want.

Who am I to tell you all this?


I’m Alden Tan.

And I used to be a loser.

I was a shy, awkward and nerdy kid who didn’t dare to talk to anybody. Heck, I didn’t even dare to eat alone.

When I tried to blend in and meet people, I felt invisible. People ignored me and I didn’t dare to contribute to the conversation. Or when I did, nobody cared. Nobody laughed at my jokes.

I told myself that meeting people wasn’t important as I was happy simply playing video games and reading fantasy novels.

Of course, those were just excuses.

I turned my life around after years and years of lifestyle experimentation.

This included approaching people back in school cold turkey and befriending them, getting rejected and humiliated by girls and working in a club for over 5 years.

And many times, I felt awkward, uncomfortable and made a bunch of mistakes that made me feel like I burdened others.

Now, why am I telling you all this and NOT talking about my successful, vibrant lifestyle of today?


Because this is Street Smart Social: Become Popular the Honest Way

It’s all real.

Years of being “on the field” and observing human behaviour has made me realize how and why the way people think and act. It’s not what you think.

Doesn’t it frustrate you when your friends or family tell you to “get a life”, get out there and PRETEND to be confident as if it’s so damn easy?

Or worse, some of them just make fun of you about your shyness.

There’re No Tricks Or Bullshit Here. Only Honest And Real Advice! And Once You Go Through The Book, I Guarantee That You’ll Be A More Confident Person Who Can Start Meeting A Ton Of People! 

Ready to start getting a life?




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