Street Smart Social: Become popular the honest way




Eliminate shyness. Get rid of social anxiety. Stop being insecure. Start going out on weekends and meet people confidently in your life, your way.

You want in on this?

Do you feel like in your life, that well, you need to “get a life”?

And the reasons include:

You’re always home on Friday or Saturday nights.

-You don’t know how to talk to people. You’ve all these “brain farts” and you run out of things to say in a conversation.

-You feel awkward around people. You care too much about what they think and feel like everyone’s judging you!

-You feel so shy that life is just passing you by. All the opportunities and people in your life are just being wasted.

-You simply have too few friends.

-You get cold feet and start sweating nervously in front of others.

-You’re totally self-concious about the way you look.

-Above all, you just want to hide your face.

Yeah I know how it can be. It drives you nuts eh? Sad even. 

And I’m here to tell you, that overcoming shyness and gaining social confidence doesn’t have to be that hard.

You can start meeting people today if you want.

Who am I to tell you all this?

I’m Alden Tan.

And I used to be a loser.

I was a shy, awkward and nerdy kid who didn’t dare to talk to anybody. Heck, I didn’t even dare to eat alone.

When I tried to blend in and meet people, I felt invisible. People ignored me and I didn’t dare to contribute to the conversation. Or when I did, nobody cared. Nobody laughed at my jokes.

I told myself that meeting people wasn’t important as I was happy simply playing video games and reading fantasy novels.

Of course, those were just excuses.

I turned my life around after years and years of lifestyle experimentation.

This includes approaching people back in school cold turkey and befriending them, getting rejected and humiliated by girls and working in a club for over 5 years.

And many times, I felt awkward, uncomfortable and made a bunch of mistakes that made me feel like I burdened others.

Now, why am I telling you all this and NOT talking about my successful, vibrant lifestyle of today?

Because this is Street Smart Social: Become Popular the Honest Way

It’s all real.

Years of being “on the field” and observing human behaviour has made me realize how and why the way people think and act. It’s not what you think.

Doesn’t it frustrate you when your friends or family tell you to “get a life”, get out there and PRETEND to be confident as if it’s so damn easy?

Or worse, some of them just make fun of you about your shyness.

It’s not easy. I can attest to that.

This book is an honest and open guide to helping you overcome shyness and start being confident around people.

There’re no tricks, miracles or dorky training exercises like “Today I want you to go smile at a random stranger”.


However… this book would bring you deep and make you understand the nuances of social confidence and why said dorky exercises actually do work.


Ready to start getting a life?


 Never run out of things to say to people.


 In fact, be confident enough to walk away from conversations that don’t suit you.


 Become the life of the party


 Learn the psychology behind how and why people act the way they do, so you master yourself in front of others.


 Learn why you shouldn’t be putting yourself down and why you’re way more confident than you actually think you are.

shortcode-tick Simple steps to start looking good and feeling good! With stylish clothes (No, you don’t have to have the best genes or be a super model).

shortcode-tick How to realistically gain experience and start conducting your own lifestyle experiments to meet people.


 Overcome the fear of being face to face with people.

Above all, this book is going to change the way you think about yourself. I’m going to make you start beaming with pride as you meet the right people in life and not attract a bunch of losers you don’t care for.

Then… you can be the awesome person who’s in the centre of attention as you start telling your stories, inspiring those around you and making them laugh.

Get ready, cause people are going to start looking up to you.


My personal guarantee

In 30 days, if you don’t feel more confident and ready to meet people in your life after my book, I’ll give you a full refund.

My personal bonus

If you need a little hand holding, I’m here for you. I’m gonna throw in my consultation package (worth $125) just for you, all for free.

You gain full access to me and I’ll be there to guide you the whole way for your special, social situation. So if you need a listening ear about your personal story, learn what to do to know someone in particular, how to kill it at a job interview or how to act at a party, I’m here for you.


The price Street Smart Social will be going up soon. I don’t know when, but soon.

This is the initial launch of the first batch of Street Smart Social, so as I launch this at this low price, you and I are going to work out the kinks. Yep, basically, you’re getting this at the lowest price in exchange for helping me out. All you got to do is give me your feedback. Yes, that’s all!


P.S. I don’t want to come across as very salesy and start urging you to buy my book, but seriously, life is too short to feel uncomfortable your whole life.

Life is too short to keep caring about what others think and in turn short change your own potential.

Have you ever spoken to people way older than you? I have.

The biggest problem they all face is regret. 

They regret because they hold back in life and not do the things they want!

Don’t let your life swing by you too fast.

I’m here to tell  you, you’re way more awesome than you think you are. You can absolutely achieve the things you want in life.

All you got to do is try. Take initiative. Take action today.

Don’t waste another $17 bucks on fast food, Starbucks coffee, alcohol, partying or other shit.

Use it wisely this time. If you push yourself just this once, I know a big difference will come into your life.

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