Strange girls talking shit behind my back

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Ready for an interesting story?

This one is about the time I was caught in the wrong side of the press.

I had lies and false rumours being spread about me. And I found it funny as hell!

A few years ago I at the club partying, drinking and having fun.

I had a girl with me. She was my date. It was great. Things were going really well.

And then suddenly, out of nowhere, two girls walked by, GRABBED her, pulled her aside and they started talking.

I didn’t really notice at this point because I was busy drinking with my other friends.

And when my date came back, she was like, “Hey, those two girls just told me to be careful of you. They said you’re ‘dangerous'”.

I was like, “Whaaaaaaaaaaaaat?”

I then took a gander of the two girls. I did not recognize them or even know who the hell they were.

I found it super hilarious. I wasn’t affected or anything like that. I wasn’t angry. Just amused. It was indeed hilarious.

God only knows what kind of other shit was being said behind my back.

But you know what?

I sort of understood why those girls said those things about me.

I mean, I was a big party-goer. I was single. I partied like three times a week. And I met A LOT of girls.

I was not shy about that fact. Why should I have been? I was young, single and I wanted to have fun.

But I was honest. I wasn’t a douchebag or a deceiving asshole. I never once lied to a girl just to have my way with her. I also certainly did not make a girl drink a copious amount of alcohol just so I could make it easier for myself to score with her. That’s lame.

And that’s the thing.

You can be honest, nice, kind or whatever in the dating game. And yet, people can still find a way to talk shit about you.

Sometimes, no matter how hard you try for something, the results won’t be what you expect.

Yeah. Dating and relationships are complicated as hell.

So what should one do?

The way I see it…

Just be honest. Keep your conscience clear all the time. I did.

But… you need to know how to play the game well.

I could have been offended by those two girls or even confronted them. I could have felt hurt, angered or whatever.

Nope. That’s not the Alden Tan way 😉

Instead, I told my date that I didn’t know who the hell they were. I made a joke out of it even, saying how I was a celebrity and people like to gossip about stars. She had a great laugh. Then I sent her home like the gentleman I was.

And of course, years later, this awesome post came to ya.

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Don’t be disheartened by naysayers or others putting you down.

You can be awesome in dating. Like me lol. Seriously though, you can truly be yourself and start attracting only the people you deserve. You don’t want to end up with the wrong people.

With that, remember, you need to play it well.

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