Stop looking up to successful people feat. a ninja

You know, one of the biggest struggles I have with this blog and business is trying to learn everything on my own.

And with that, I kept looking up to successful people.

That was a huge fucking problem. 

Yes. You heard that. Looking up to people sucked.

And I seriously encourage you to stop it.

The folly was mine not because I had an eager desire to learn from everything and everybody, but that I put them all on a pedestal.

As long as as someone had knowledge in something I didn’t, I automatically made them better than me, and that everything I learnt from them would be great.

Big mistake.

Because along the way, not only did I think they were right (no matter what), I thought they were better than me.

Super lame.

You’ve no idea how many people I’ve put on a pedestal. It seemed legit. After all, they were successful.

Heck, they even advocated being yourself, being nice, following your heart and all that shit. Kind of cool to meet such nice entrepreneurs eh?

Sadly, a bunch of them turned out to be arrogant assholes. A couple of them even disappeared on me, one of whom I still owe money to but he’s still too cowardly to take it omg how retarded are you.

What a dog-eat-dog, cynical world eh?

Reasons why you should stop looking up to successful people

Here’s your ninja! He’s my boy Izzy from 30 Year Old Ninja. Yes for real. He’s a 30 year old dude who moved to Japan to become a Ninja. He rocks Akido so much.


I was ranting to him how hard it was to make money online and it was totally stressing me out.

He replied:

“My business is a consequence of my life – not my life a consequence of my business.” 


My take: Business is an extension of the self. It’s a spiritual journey where you discover how great you can be as an entrepreneur and as a person. This is why and how you should follow your passion and make a business out of it. That’s how you can create something you’re proud of. And eventually, that’s how work doesn’t even feel like work.

With that, is a business simply about creating something where you get to call the shots, be the boss, make tons of money yet you work way too many hours and feel super stressed out and shit?

Nah. Definitely not to me. Is it to you? Think about it. Think about the life of entrepreneurs you know and NOT about the amount of money they make.

Now, trust me on this, this is an extremely important aspect as, based on my experience of failing, fucking up and looking up to the wrong people, your business, or whatever you create, you’re going to eventually realize that you’ve to break out of your comfort zone, do things that scare you and just hope for the best.

This means no amount of theories, textbooks, courses or even mentors can help you reach your destination. Only your heart can.

Oh and you can’t just model after someone and succeed. The space is already taken up! Duh!

So what do you do?

You learn the ropes. Go ahead and learn as much as you can. Buy all the books, courses or coaching all you like.

When you’re done, congratulations, you’re 10% there. That’s just the basics.

Now go create some amazing shit by growing balls and taking a bunch of risks. Keep experimenting and do things out of the box, do it even if others think you’re nuts.

I guarantee that’s how grow up to be the person you’re destined to be, and not just a boss who’s working on shit you don’t even care for.


P.S. To those I wrongfully looked up to and felt you could take advantage of me: Go fuck yourself. You’ve my pity for thinking that one’s worth and value is based on the amount of money he makes.

To those still struggling, I got your back. Email me anytime

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  1. Justin Harmon - August 16, 2013 4:54 am

    Just Awesome!!

    • alden - August 21, 2013 3:25 am

      Just THANKS

  2. Jeff Tse - August 23, 2013 2:21 am

    Good post man!

    I’m curious though, who were the dicks that ignored you?

    The ninja’s website is pretty cool.. Lol I don’t believe I just typed that.

    • alden - September 23, 2013 5:25 am

      Nah just some random dudes man.

  3. Ragnar - August 27, 2013 6:23 pm

    Learning by failing is the oldest method in the book! Teaching yourself to not interpret failure as the end, but as a learning experience, or a stepping stone towards success, can be the difference between giving up and getting nothing, or making it unto the beautiful beaches of financial freedom.

    I failed a few times, and got disheartened, but I was young and naive. This time I’m in it to win it. See you at the top! :p

    • alden - September 23, 2013 5:24 am

      See YOU at the top bro.

  4. Kevin Cole - September 2, 2013 2:38 pm

    Very interesting take on looking up to successful people. I have definitely found that a lot of these people we deem to be successful are just normal people. They’re just as scared as everyone else. They feel the doubt and the frustration because they are human beings. Not some superhero-type figure.

    Getting out of your comfort zone on a regular basis definitely seems to be the only way to make legit progress. It’s so easy to fall into a comfortable place. That’s why it’s so important to keep pushing the envelope and travel outside of those comfortable feelings. Our businesses and our lives need it to thrive.


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