Real Talk 10: Let’s stop filtering reality to really live

As ironic as it sounds, I have a big problem with the personal development, or self-help niche today.

It’s just full of it.

So-called “gurus” talk as if there’s a cure for every problem.

So-called “life coaches” talk as if inspiration is the answer for everything.

Then almost the whole damn world try to preach that happiness is the most important thing in life.

And because so many people are unhappy today, they take it in. They start to believe all this bullshit.

Thus, reality gets filtered.

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with knowing that life has its down moments or that there will be periods where you will feel downright shitty.

That’s how it is. That’s how it should be and it’s actually a good thing.

That’s being human only. That’s living life the way you want.

If you feel unhappy, or even depressed, that’s okay. It will go up again. There’s no need to start thinking your entire life is bad just because of a little unhappiness.

If you’re struggling, with a business or whatever, just know that that’s normal. Nobody ever gets it right the first time. Be thankful for the struggle even. That’s how you grow.

If you feel lost and confused, then just learn to be patient for the answer. There’s no need to start doubting yourself or lose faith in life.

If you feel like you’re falling behind others, wondering why your life sucks while they seem to have it all, just chill because that’s normal. There’s no need to compare.

Stop filtering reality and be happy with your imperfections.

This is how you tell yourself, “This is normal. This is actually okay.”

You can even say, “I can go at this alone. I don’t need help, cause life will pick itself up again.”

Happiness isn’t all there is to life. You need the down to actually know up. You need sadness. You need to cry at times cause you aren’t a monster. You need shitty parts to know what’s great.

You can’t judge others to be fucked up just because they aren’t happy either.

Above all else, you need the flawed segments of your life to know how capable you are of keeping on keeping on despite feeling so damn down and helpless. 

That’s the beauty of life. That’s the power from you.

It’s okay to fuck up. It’s only part of life.

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  1. pim de graaff - January 24, 2016 4:22 pm

    thanks a lot; i have some problems with my girl-friend; you cheer me up

  2. Howard Johnson - February 13, 2016 4:42 am

    Refreshing, I laughed.


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