Steve Jobs: After the resignation. Take a look at yourself

We all know that Apple’s head honcho just handed in his resignation letter. It is obvious why he has decided to hand over his duties and position.

So it got me thinking: You can have all the fucking money in the world, become one of the most respected person ever or have all sorts of nice shit to make people want to be you, but think of it in reverse: He could just as much in many simple ways want to be just like you, right now at this very living moment.

I am no Apple expert or even a tech geek, but this shocking picture of Steve Jobs looking so frail and sickly just made me think of whether he’s actually thinking of the very same notion above. I salute you Mr. Jobs, for creating nice shit like my iPhone and running a huge-ass company. Now go get well, and have some fun.

As I have mentioned in one of my other posts: You got some money? You got health? You got a loving family? You got food to eat? Fuck you have just qualified yourself in the contest whereby millions and millions just wish they were you.

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