Sorry is an F word


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A while back, I once emailed my mentor a bunch of questions.

I ended with, “Sorry for all the questions dude.”

Not only did he reply me with practical answers, he kicked my ass and made me work on my mindset.

He ended the email with, “Fuck sorrys bro. Own that shit!”

We’re apologizing for way too much shit, so much so we feel sorry for ourselves

I think that’s something we all need to work on.

We feel we lack confidence. We think we’re diseased by shyness. We think we don’t have the right to ask questions. We think we aren’t good enough.

Then we keep apologizing.

For what exactly? If you think about it, nothing much really.

That’s not how you play this game called life

If you want to play life right, then you gotta do you.

If you want to do you, then you need to stop, and in fact never make apologies for who you are.

Make zero apologies for yourself.

Fuck sorrys.

Nobody will ever pay attention to the shy, timid little guy who doesn’t dare to say or do shit.

Play life right. Own that shit. Master your lifestyle

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  1. Sheehan - October 5, 2015 7:27 pm

    Great post as always


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