If it’s something important to you, then it ain’t shallow

I was speaking to my psychologist just today.

I told her that, with regard to my anger issues, the times I really feel fucking alive and happy is when I am partying, getting drunk and talking to a beautiful girl.

I told her I felt I was a very shallow person for deriving happiness from such a frivolous activity.

But then she pointed out that it wasn’t shallow. It was important, because it made me happy.

She also pointed out how it wasn’t just about getting hammered with hot babes.

It was about how I feel happy knowing I am getting the attention and respect from a girl who is interested in me.

Deep eh?

It sounds obvious, but it flew by me for a long, long time, probably because I was just getting sloshed and suffering from hangovers.

If something is important to you, or if it makes you happy, then be content with it and don’t call it silly and stuff.

Look deeper though. Find that meaning. It’s there.

And fuck what others think about you and what you do. Fuck them. It’s not their damn business you know?

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  1. Able Kinetic - April 25, 2017 4:51 am

    Thanks for the article. It makes me think of when people yell “YOLO” to rationalize their decisions:


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