Should I give a fuck what others think of me?

We all grow up with people around us. As we grow older we all learn a little something about shame and giving face to others and with that, your actions and words, affect others, and vice versa.

But along the way some particular people actually encourage you to not care or not give a crap about what say or think! More often than not, this actually reflects a positive note cause you know, it makes you all cool and confident, supposedly.

I think there’s a real fine line in this. So here’s two perspective on not caring what others think or say about you.

#1- “I don’t care what others think or say cause I am just so confident!”

Now this is a good thing. You are so confident that you don’t care what others think. You are set on doing what you want and best of all, your conscience is 100% CLEAR. This a real winner here. Even I can’t really block everything out all the time.

Self-esteem factor- Very high

#2- “I don’t care what others think or say cause I am actually a stubborn little bitch who refuses to listen”

This is a real loser here. People who belong here are actually insecure and put all sorts of facades to act as if they are confident. Most commonly, they tell others that they do not care about what others think. Well it is a very fine thin line here, but come on… if you have like 100 over peeps hating on you for what you do and you just refuse to reflect and re-evaluate? Something is definitely wrong.

Self-esteem factor- Very high on the surface, but secretly very low.

So what’s good for you and your confidence?

Personally, I feel it’s very important to always reflect and self-evaluate. Check your conscience and your feelings. If what you are doing really reflects your highest feelings, go for it. At the same time, see the reaction of others and your friends. If the majority seems to have a vile reaction to you or your opinions, just check again. I am not asking you to AGREE, but just take a little check.

You DO NEED to a certain extent care about what others think. Also, to a certain extent, DO NOT care about what others think.

Oxymoronic? Well, that’s just keeping it real.

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