[Short horror story]- I got addicted to the deep, dark web and now I can’t stop

Originally here from Steemit.

This is my first try at writing horror. I’ve read of the deep web before. I never once tried to tap in on it, if that’s even possible. Just my take. Some ideas were inspired by stories I read online.

Have you heard of the deep, dark web?

It’s the darker part of the internet, for those who don’t know. Yes, it exists.

I started just a couple of months ago.

I was curious. That’s all.

I am the type who likes horror movies, stories or whatever that is mildly disturbing.

But I thought that wasn’t enough. They were too contrived. Yes. ‘Contrived’ is the word for it.

I wanted something real. Heck, I needed it.

And so, I dived into the deep, dark web.

I did my research. I studied and read up on all the ways to bypass servers and stuff so I could access the darkness.

I was not disappointed. I was even happy.

The deep, dark web is sick. I found a treasure trove of horror.

And it was real. It was too real. At least, that was what I’ve been told.

There was a forum for pedophiles from around the world. Apparently these people get together online to discuss their dark deeds with kids and advise each other on how to get away with it.

There was a network for artists out there with a sick sense of what they think is art. I read one manga about babies being blended.

There were a bunch of homepages belonging to different cults from around the world over. If you thought that satanic cults are bad, these would kill you inside.

There was a new, up and coming social network for cannibals. People with an obsession of eating human meat and also being eaten would plan meet-ups so they could find the perfect partner.

Then there was the website dedicated to gore. It only had videos of people being decapitated.

And much, much more.

All of it sickened me.

But I couldn’t stop.

I think horror and darkness are the true reflections of humanity.

At least here, I don’t find any hypocrisy.

My friends and family have been getting worried about me. They’ve seen the change in me due to my obsession.

They scold, nag and shout at me, but they will never understand.

So what if I have put on some weight, become more pale, not left the house in months and also turned my room into a mess?

I don’t need them.

I have this new network I discovered in the deep, dark web.

Yeah! It’s a place where videos of people who don’t get out of the house and their daily deeds.

The twist? They all eventually kill themselves. For what reason, I don’t know. It doesn’t matter. I just have to select a video and watch them everyday. I feel like I really know them.

These are my new friends. Well, at least until they kill themselves.

Let me select a video now… Okay. Here we go.

There he is right there. Most of them look the same: Sitting in front of the computer. Overweight. Bespectacled. Long, unkempt hair. Unshaven. Room is in a mess. And when I use the 360 camera function, I can easily find this guy’s parents fighting over him.

It’s always the same. It’s sad, yet funny.

Wait a minute…

This looks really familiar.

I am wearing green too.

I am scratching my head now too.

“Voyeur Hermit Subject #71. Estimated date of suicide- 3 more days. Please click on the link below to place your bets” reads the headline of the video.

Somebody has been watching me.

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