Why the selfie girl disgusts me the most

A pretty girl lives somewhere out there.

She is inundated by guys all around. They have crushes on her and think she’s the most beautiful thing on Earth.

Not only is she pretty, she seems to have her shit together. She is smart, nice sociable.

She comes across as the cool girl then! She is so cool. She’s pretty, but she says looks aren’t important to her when it comes to a relationship. She believes that it’s in the inside that counts the most.

Everyone’s like, “Wow! She’s so cool! She’s like the perfect girl! Whole package indeed! And she’s so humble!”

The thing is, she is like one of many pretty girls out there.

And she does what most of them do all the time, which is to post a shit ton of selfies on social media everyday.

Do you not see that her selfies are an obsession with herself and that looks are important to her?

That’s what disgusts me: People who put on a facade to portray a certain, positive image to society, but when you dig deeper, you’ll detect the subtleties and realize that they aren’t so great after all. In fact, some are downright toxic as they indulge in this unspoken hypocrisy.

Add to that, people like that are constantly enabled by people around there because they’re too enamored to see the truth. In this case, the clueless guys who are worshipping the pretty girl and kissing her feet because they’re pretty much clueless.

There’re so many examples today:

The Christian who keeps talking about God, preaching the bible and trying to ‘save’ others, but they condemn homosexuals.

The entrepreneur who claims he’s extremely passionate about helping others, but has a ridiculously high price tag on their bullshit products that are supposed to help others.

The married couple who tell their single friends to start settling down, but will never reveal that they’re cheating on each other.

Basically, anyone who dares to preach, but conveniently throws away their own flaws.

Dig deeper. Look into the subtleties. See them for who they really are and realize how they aren’t really good for you.

You deserve better friends.

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1 comment

  1. Wong Chen Dong - August 1, 2017 9:23 am

    Well… every human has this devil in them, it’s just that they dun show it… for example why some couple divorce? Every time I hear them say – oh because we have no feeling anymore … I mean really? Or is it the sexual satisfaction is not satisfy… and you need to find a new one… just like you said about the cool girl saying is what the heart counts… really? I mean if there is this really kind hearted guy but his looks is so so… I bet she won’t even accept him… I think a girl from dance club or a KTV is more honest then her at least in terms of action we knew is all about money…


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