Round up of my shit and why I’ve been missing

Sup guys,

So this is my first ever, “Sorry I haven’t been really updating” post, only that I am not really sorry because I have been busy with other shit.

A friend once told me, “There’s a big difference between unemployment and idling“. That being said, I don’t slack, not much at least. Let the following have certain kinds of messages which I hope you can derive yourself.

My computer was hacked to shit

It was horrible. My PayPal, MSN, Facebook, Skype, and other shit were being taken over one by one, to the point I was literally losing money in the bank. Oh and this blog even got hacked. Thank goodness nothing gay was posted up… not that I have anything disgusting to hide.

Do you know how incredibly scary it is to be like, at work halfway, talking to a hot girl and then suddenly, your phone vibrates. You got an email, from Facebook. It reads, “Your Facebook password has been changed”.

It was horribly scary.

Not only that. I am not savvy with viruses and shit, so I assumed that after a scan and a clean reformat, I would be safe. I wasn’t. My accounts were being taken over again!

Then it felt like paranoia because I thought someone was out there to get me. THAT, my friends is the scariest crap you can ever feel, that someone is out there to get you.

Well anyway I am safe now.

Insights: Update your malware, spyware and anti-virus and stuff. Also, change all your passwords. 

DO NOT TAKE it for granted. I know it’s one of those, “Nah it wouldn’t happen me.” stuff, but when it happens, it rains hell. So please, just do yourself a favour. 

Blogging in other blogs and conducting interviews

I have actually been guest blogging on other blogs. That means I write my awesome stuff on other websites.

Check it out:

Kingpin Lifestyle: How to lead a balanced lifestyle

The Feel Good lifestyle: Feelings of a Bboy: Lessons in Pushing One’s Limits and Overcoming Real Fear


Check out the interviews I conducted with a couple of other awesome bloggers:

Nina Yau, the truth seeker

Joel Runyon, the impossible achiever

Insights: One of the most fantastic ways to gain insights and learn real wisdom from someone else is to just interview them. Maybe “interview” sounds like a big word to you, then let me cut it down for you: JUST ASK questions. Ask CLARIFYING ones. Listen, absorb, be inspired and learn. 

I am not going to say, “Don’t ask stupid questions”. I find that people who say that are being judgemental. Stupid, smart, intelligent, whatever, they are all subjective. At the end of the day, they are your truth. So go for it and be happy you did/ask what you really want. 

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