The joyful roots of happiness

Boom! That’s me, my brother and my mom.

The wedding was awesome.

My mom didn’t cry. So that’s awesome. She mentioned that she was afraid the wedding may bring up memories of my dad. But it was all good!

That’s me and the bride. She’s my first ever sibling-in-law. So that’s awesome!

And that’s me in a suit. It’s not very often I don one. And I look hot in it. So that’s awesomer!


Nah. I’m not that self-centered… or am I? Lol.

Yo, this post is just going to be a quick one. I’m just telling you how happy I am.

You know what? I always didn’t like attending weddings. I found most of them a waste of time and money, especially when the groom/bride aren’t close to me anymore.

You know something else?   Last night was one of those rare nights I didn’t feel anger. Cause I just let it go and chose to be happy.

Wanna know something more? 

Family is fucking important as fuck.

I didn’t think about writing, blogging, Bboying, girls, money or the fact that I had to attend army camp the following day.

Because I was back at the roots of happiness, which is where family resides at. 

It’s all a matter of choice and keeping it simple.

You don’t need to be unhappy at all. Just choose happiness.

You don’t have to be pissed with the world, when your world, and the truly important things out there are near you.

Your family and the moments they give you…. that is well, if your family isn’t a bunch of self-destructive, abusive assholes.

That is when happiness turns into joy. Then you know it’s never fleeting. 

Don’t ever forget that yea?

To celebrate my brother’s marriage and the fact that I look so good, you can get 100 Days of awesome no B.S. at a low low price of $10!!!


Stay happy.


P.S. Know what I learnt this morning?

I woke up feeling hungover as fuck. I must have downed 7 beers at the wedding.

I misplaced my army camp pass in the morning. It apparently fell into a drawer. Before I found it, I was panicking. Losing it meant staying back and also being fined.

INSTANTLY, my hangover disappeared.

The power of panicking man lol. Instant alertness. 

Don’t so forgetful like me… hence don’t forget your happiness lol. 

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  1. Stella Chiu - July 30, 2015 11:00 pm

    Hi, Alden

    Love the pictures, Your family and you looked very beautiful. Congratulation.

    Yes, the root of happiness is the family that you have because of the moment or their presence they give. That why Bible treats family as very important unit. The important of family to both individual and society can’t be denial. The families build the foundation of each society. The well being of each society is direct correlated to the well being of families within.

    Happiness is a choice; so does anger. Hope happiness fills more of your future days.

    Always enjoy your post

  2. Andy Ooi - August 5, 2015 1:53 pm

    hey Alden, found you on pickthebrain & congrats on your bro’s wedding!

    You are right, family is uber-important. So many people forget about that when searching for more money, more power, more this, more that….

    …until they had everything.

    Then they realized they lost touch with their family.

    Too late.

    Keep on writing your usual mega-badass posts, I enjoyed all of them!

    – Andy Ooi

  3. Lee - September 15, 2015 4:58 am

    Hey Alden,

    Nice post, short and sweet, straight to the point.

    It’s been 2 years since I last saw my family, and that has had a huge impact on my happiness (I live in Australia and they live in England). I’ve recently booked a flight to go back and spend a month with them, because you’re right man, family is important.

    I’m going to pass through Tokyo for a few days on my way there too, which should be an awesome experience.

    Keep the posts coming bro,



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