“Way too many people do things in life due to some retarded obligation”

That’s one of the most awesome advice a friend of mine told me long ago.

And I totally agree.

I think way too many people in life do things by making up excuses for themselves, hence being retarded obligations.

These excuses are also called weddings, reunions, jobs, frivolous favours own etc.

I personally have skipped like 4 weddings this year so far.

I did it easily and without regret cause I simply know what I want to do in my life all the time.

Now the thing is, how much do you know exactly about what you want in life and how far are you going for it?

Are you living a life of obligations, where you feel somehow you’re tied to even though deep down you don’t want to?

Are you usually heading out for gatherings where there’s that ONE person you don’t like and ruins your entire mood?

Are you waking up everyday knowing you’re going to have an unfulfilled day?

Are you constantly making up shit for yourself like, “It’s okay. It’s only for the night” or “I think he/she is a nice guy after all. Let me not judge and try to be nice” and YET you still feel like shit all the way?

Stop making shit up. Stop making excuses. Stop giving in to retarded obligations.

Go all in instead and actively find positive people to be with, people you truly care for and people who can elevate you in life.

That’s how you lead a meaningful life.

Meet the right people in life. I teach you how in my book Street Smart Social: Become popular the honest way.

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