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With Just One Book, You Can Get Awesome Success In Your Career, Personal Life, Relationships, Health and Fitness And A Life You Can Be Proud Of…

WARNING: This motivational awesomeness CUTS right to the chase and tells it like it is. Sick of all the law of attraction stuff, “guru” crap and other new age stuff?

Wassup you, If you’re here reading this, I’m pretty sure you feel that life’s not treating you right. Success seems to elude you. You keep PROCRASTINATING. You make up excuses.You feel lost and can’t get that breakthrough. Negative thinking overwhelms your mind. People around you are discouraging you and bringing you down.

You’re just too scared to move forward.

Something is holding you back. You aren’t sure what.

Or ironically, when you do know what’s holding you back. It’s you. “The only thing holding me back from my dreams is myself”.

But you’re clueless on what to do next.

How then, do those “lucky”, successful people get to where they’re today? How do they live such a lavish lifestyle of their own dreams while you’re still struggling with money, health, unfulfilled potential and just plain feeling like crap?

The difference between successful people and you…

Ever wondered why it’s so damn hard just to make your life better?


It all depends on what route you follow. All the self-help books, programs and whatever only give you tools to better yourself. They give you lame advice like, “Go talk to a random stranger”. They never go into the root cause of the problem.

You may be distracted by them all and then wonder why they don’t work for you.
xThe world is just noisy. Everyone is always ready to tell you what to do and how to do . “Gurus” swear by their methods when they can never fully empathize with you.

Because of this, you fail to actually realize you have what it takes to forge your own path to success.
xThere’s just too much unrealistic advice out there. They always focus on your problems and what you’re doing wrong. They don’t realize the POTENTIAL you have in you.

You’ll have none of that here. Ready Your Life is like your best friend, the kind who never beats around the bush and dares to tell you the truth. He knows you best and gives you the best advice suited specially for you.


Seriously, YOU CAN ACHIEVE whatever it is you want in life even though you feel you hit rock bottom; you lack self-esteem or just have no idea or direction on what to do with your life.

You can do this easily in a short time.Time to lead a life worthy of High-Fives!

And I’m going to show you how.

Improving your life is not rocket science.

Yeah, life is hard. Life is unfair too. We’re all emotional creatures and sometimes things feel hopeless. I get it.

But with just a few tweaks, some reminders and harnessing several new perspectives, you can indeed overcome your challenges.


It’s time to wipe away whatever you’ve been conditioned and taught and totally destroy dumb notions that you’re incapable of greatness.

When you do that, things will start to change for you:

red-tick Instantly notice a difference in your confidence. You WILL know what to do next.

red-tick Learn how to stop caring 100% about what others think.

red-tick Eliminate worry and stress. Cultivate positivity.

red-tick Have the guts to quit your crappy job and start doing what you love, every, single day for the rest of your life

red-tick Stop taking shit from others. Hang out with cool people only.

red-tick Improve your health.

red-tick Punch fear in the face and start doing epic shit

red-tick Achieve laser focused concentration for problem-solving.

red-tick Eliminate procrastination and increase productivity.


cant-believeWhoa… hold there. Is this all true? Isn’t this just another self-help book?

I’m thinking you’re thinking, “I’ve tried everything. I’ve bought tons of self-help books, courses, eBooks, but I’m still the same!”

I know what you mean.

It sucks right? We all have problems in life. We all have our own unique set of challenges and when we ask for help, we get bullshit, cliché advice like, “Don’t give up”.

Or, “Get over it!”.

As if it’s so easy…

I disagree. No one’s life is easy. Certainly not yours.

There’s nothing more I hate than getting sloppy advice or even, “The Secret”.

It’s totally cliché, and very insensitive. They don’t help at all.

We’re all emotional creatures and we require empathy, or even just a listening ear.

I’m giving you all that.


READY02that are going to change your perspective overnight. You’re going to start BEAMING with pride after reading my book.

This is totally not hyped. No fluff. No crap.

This was made by a real person, for real people. You don’t need a high level of spirituality, zen-like consciousness or tap into the universe to understand any of this.

And I’m certainly NOT going to hypnotize you!





Do you know why I’m doing all of this? 

The truth is, I’ve been there myself. I’ve been laughed at, ridiculed and put down by people around me. I’ve worked a job that was so bad that my supervisor was taking advantage of me and abusing me. And on a grand, cosmic level, my own dad died when I was 20. If anything, I truly know how it feels to be beaten down, have my self-esteem destroyed and feel completely hopeless.

And yeah. I had to go through all of that alone. Nothing around me seemed to help.

Self-help books? Forget it.

Talking to friends? Sure, they tried to help, but no one could fully empathize (not that I put it on them of course).

But I managed to single-handedly get out of the shit storm…

And I’m here to tell you, you don’t have to suffer anymore.

Let me tell you a little story:

Before my dad died. I was MUCH angrier.

Ironic eh?

I was a lot angrier because I kept being “good”. I walked away from fights, I never retorted insults and I always let people “win”. But all the right things in life only guaranteed me going home pissed.

I was always angry and felt like I disrespected myself.

But right after my dad died, I kept wondering why I was so unhappy. Why was I always angry too? Despite all that, my dad had to be taken away.

And that was when I decided I’d make a positive spin out of the situation and start doing what I love in life.

Today, I run a very successful blog (over 5,000 subscribers, 1k hits a day), I live and work according to my own terms, I breakdance (yes I’m a Bboy!) any time I want and travel every month to see my beautiful girlfriend..

You don’t have to go through what I did just to realize that you can better yourself. You don’t have to keep feeling like shit and hopeless. You don’t even need a mentor or some guidance counsellor.

It’s all you. You absolutely can pull through on your own.

And that’s why Ready Your Life believes in you.

You will find nothing but deep wisdom put into simple chapters and practical steps, catered to you to give you those obvious “ah ha” moments… or as I like to call them, “Oh shit! This is both correct and awesome!”.

Here’s what Ready Your Life features:

red-tick Why and how you should find your passion, easily explained

red-tick Learn how to approach all your problems, without panicking or feeling scared

red-tick How to get over your fears, the easy way

red-tick How to take the leap of faith

red-tick The 1-step answer to boosting your self-esteem and confidence

red-tick How to not give up.

red-tick How to Keep it Real and attain a life of balance.

And many more.

There’s nothing boring here. Only real stories.

All written and made user-friendly so you can take action and express yourself immediately.

(Of course, none of that law of attraction, new age stuff will be found here).


Sean Lim

“Ready Your Life” is one of the most honest, no-fluff straight talk about getting rid of the psycho-babble in our heads, stepping up and becoming the most confident version of ourselves I’ve ever seen. Alden sticks to his guns (as always) and tells it like it is. If you’re sick and tired of living small, Alden shows you THE way to be true to yourself and take on the world more confident than ever.” – Sean Lim,






“As a success-coach, I’ve made it a habit of spotting game-changing wisdom. I’m good at what I do. I know that if I say somethnig is an important piece of advice, there’s truth to it. Alden Tan’s book Ready Your Life shares more of that than you’d expect. From the lessons learnt from his Dad’s early death, to the street-smart, Bboy-flavoured shout-out that ‘failure is our greatest ally’, Alden’s young words contain timelessly helpful ideas. Invest in it now.” – J-Ryze Fonceca,




“In this valuable guide Alden Tan shows that transforming your life can be easier than you think… and happens first with the motivation to do so. The life you want to live is up to you and this book can help you wake up every morning eager to progress to the next step.”– Cam Adair, Kingpin Lifestyle




How much is this going to cost?

For something like this, usually the internet, or other “gurus” (ugh, I hate them) charge something like up to $97 or even $197 for this. Not me! I know how it feels to desperately want the answer to something, and the last thing we need is a ridiculous price-tag that’s going to set us back for a month or two.

price-cancelREADY YOUR LIFE is going only at $27

I had a few friends, whom I made over the blogosphere tell me that I’m crazy to give this away at such a low price, but I was like, “Guys, this is to help people”. I’ll never forget who I’m, and I certainly hope they, and you for that matter too will not forget the simple act of being kind.


wassupBut hey, after reading my book and you STILL don’t feel like your life has changed for the better, I’ll refund you within 30 days, no questions asked.

Simple as that.




Okay guys with the success of Ready Your Life, I’ve gathered together some bonuses for you all. They all fit in and complement the book really nicely, so check it out!

Bonus 1: WTF is a happy life anyway? (Infographic series worth $47)

In this dynamic infographic series, Jason Fonceca of Ryze online beautifully captures the essence of what a happy life is all about. Just like Ready Your Life and the style of my own blog, “WTF is Happy Life Anyway?” keeps it real and goes deep at the same time, complete with practical exercises for you and your life!

And as you can see, I personally vouch for it.

WTF happy life3

Bonus 2: 30 Day ComeBack (Interview series worth $47)

“If you had lost everything – house, money, family, job – what are the steps you would take to rebuild and comeback more abundant if you only had 30 days to do it.” 

Is the main question asked in this series of awesome interviews by James Holland of

Featuring interviews by A-list bloggers like Farnoosh Brock, Johnny B Truant, Jon Morrow, Kat Dawes and yes, me, these exclusive interviews are both powerful and intimate. If you want to go deep into the life of others, this is for you.

And it’s all free!



Bonus 3: 30 Days to kick-start your life change (Podcasts series worth $47)

A free series of Podcasts by Mark Bowness of Life Change Instigator!

Each of these awesome Podcasts talk about a different topic every single day. Each topic, from divorce, getting over your past, regret, money and mastering confidence are all accompanied by equally awesome stories by Mark himself!

If you want a travel personal development companion of sorts, this fits the bill, or not, since it’s all free.



Bonus 4: Personal email consultation by me (worth $125)

People who gets Ready Your Life this week will receive a free email consultation by me. You’ll be entitled to the 1-month package (worth $125), all for free! You get to bug me all you like and I’ll be there to help you, giving you the personal touch and coaching all month.

So on top of getting Ready Your Life, you’d have personal access to me as we dive deep to give you personalized and detailed answers to your problems. After all, sometimes we all just need that human touch right?





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