Read this if you’re in your twenties and really lazy as hell

I answered a question on Quora that read, “I am 25 and very lazy. What should I do?”

And here’s my answer:

It’s all about motivation man. You need the prize behind something you do.

You’re trying shit out blindly now because you think it’s supposedly good for you.

Well, I’m sure it is, but don’t do things just because others are doing it.

Do it because there’s a special little prize unique to you, waiting for you.

Look at that picture of me.

Now back to me.

Do you think I give a shit about calories, not dying when I’m 50, my stamina, my body fat % and all that?

Fuck no!

I just want to work out so I can look good and attract hot babes.

The rest, I know are bonuses which will come along the way so long as I put in the work.

Yep. I don’t give myself excuses. I work out up to twice a week along with my dance practice.

So the point is: You need to find your own unique motivation that’s driving you towards your special prize, your diamond, your ribbon, your trophy.

And you have to be extremely specific about it.

Don’t just say, “Oh I want a good body.” Say, “I want a raging fucking six-pack that’s going to attract chicks!”

Don’t just say, “I’m reading self-help books cause I wanna be better I guess.” Say, “I’m reading this shit to expand my mind so that tomorrow, right fucking tomorrow, I’ll be 1% better. And that’s progress!”

Don’t just say, “I want to make a bajillion dollars.” Say, “I want to make $9,000 a month first. This will make me really comfortable. From there, I’ll easily scale and take the next fucking step!”

You feel me?!

Be specific.

Unique motivation.

Unique prize.

Now quit fucking around.

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  1. Micaela. - April 10, 2016 3:08 am

    This is pure genius man! Xo

  2. Dannielle Withall - January 21, 2017 12:40 am

    I clicked on this shit so fast


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