Quiet your damn mind…

calm your mind

It’s time to quiet your damn mind!

Too much negativity and jarring self-talk? Something bad happened before and you keep replaying that shit?

All in your head.

This is going to be the most awesome and real post you’d read about beating negative thoughts!

I’m on meds for a long time now thanks to negativity

If you’ve been following this blog, you’d know that I took ill a couple of months ago.

It was so fucking bad. My heart was dropping beats like some DJ and I dropped a ton of weight in a matter of weeks. I also pretty much lost all the muscle memory for my Bboying.

Eventually I was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism.

And guess what? I got to take pills for, as of now the next 2 years.

I feel totally fine now. I’m stabilised and growing stronger everyday.

But it really got to me like, “Holy shit. I’m turning into one of the elderly. I got to take pills everyday!”

And I’m only 28.

Lately, I’ve been doing a ton of research on hyperthyroidism and one of the prominent causes of it is stress.

Granted that my doctor told me, “Nobody knows how it happens” as to why I really got this and most articles online leave a trail that ends halfway…

… But it’s no fucking excuses. I’ve been pretty negative and angry all my life. If anything I could take a major prescription of chill pills to chill the fuck out and stop being so stressed out over practically nothing.

It really got to me to how I’ve to take meds everyday now long-term and I am not even 30 yet.

And I thought, “What if I get something worse before 50? 60?”

I don’t want to get something bad next time. I got lots of shit I want to do, like marrying my girlfriend, have kids and watching them grow up like angels.

Thus begins my journey on quieting my mind. It’s been great.

This is for you.

How to beat the shit out of negative thoughts

Remember this now and forever: Quiet your mind. Quiet your mind.

Always quiet your mind.

That’s all to it to beating negative thoughts.

Now absorb the rest of this shit!

1) Your thoughts are not you

They aren’t, really.

Yo, I don’t give a fuck if you believe in the law of attraction and that you create a reality out of your thoughts. Can you drop that shit for a second?

I’m saying, all the negative thoughts you have, are in your head, but they don’t represent you.

Just because you feel like kicking someone’s ass doesn’t mean you become that hooligan who loves to fight.

Just because you screwed up and did something bad in the past doesn’t mean you’d do it again or even labelled something e.g. criminal forever.

Your thoughts are not you.

What are you? You’re the happy as fuck person who’s living the grandest version of yourself when you are not distracted by anything. 

And you know that person (or the higher-self as they call it) is out there. It is very possible to be that.

2) Go take up meditation as a break

Yes, I made fun of meditation before on this blog, but remember, I always keep an open mind.

Meditation isn’t some new-age crap for the enlightened or chosen few. Anybody can do it.

Treat meditation as the break you need and the space you require. Cause, everybody needs a fucking a break. You can’t deny that.

But make your break about nothing. Make it so you can be alone with your quiet mind. Make it so that you know it’s real therapy and that you’re doing great things for yourself.

Taking a break so you can mindlessly surf social media like a jackass doesn’t do anything for you.

3) Reaffirm again that your thoughts are not you

You got to, cause we all tend to stray.

Quiet that damn mind.

4) Change environment altogether

Stop hanging around toxic people.

Try out a new activity, like yoga where people with the same purpose come together.

You may not notice it, but your state of negativity could be because of the people and things around you.

It’s only understandable.

5) Quiet your damn mind


I hope this helps guys.

I’m personally doing it cause I don’t want to risk my health anymore. It’s a huge thing.

We all lead different and special lives. Consider what you have around you now.

Be grateful for the awesomeness.

Then be quiet. Be happy.


The extra edge of quieting your mind by extending it outside in your life can be helped with my books. 


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  1. Frank T - September 25, 2013 2:39 pm

    Best goddamn post, yet Alden! You hit my problem right on the head…literally. I made the picture my new background on my laptop. I love you, man!

    • alden - September 25, 2013 4:41 pm

      Thanks bro! Love you too! You were like a shining beacon man when you sent me the amazon card to get those books!

  2. Kevin Cole - September 25, 2013 9:19 pm

    The mind is such a weird son of a bitch. I have had so many days where I thought to myself “Today seriously sucks.” Then I paused and asked myself ‘Why does it suck?”

    I couldn’t even come up with a legit answer. My mind had just generated all of these baseless negative thoughts for nothing. Quieting the mind and calling yourself out on bullshit thoughts is powerful as hell.

    Good shit Alden. Great to see you posting again man.

    • alden - September 26, 2013 6:38 am

      That’s why you shouldn’t even pause or ask things to yourself.

      I just keep repeating, “Quiet your mind” and that’s it! I feel so much better.

      Thanks for commenting man.


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