Quick thought on standing up for yourself and confronting assholes

Nobody likes confrontations. They all suck and potentially throw you into an awkward situation which makes you wish you didn’t bother to thinking about it in the first place.

Here’s a small list on why you would want to confront someone:

1) Some asshole was talking behind your back.

2) Some bitch was making subtle allusions to you on Facebook, Twitter etc.

3) Someone insulted you in the face.

Now here are some reasons why we don’t stand up for ourselves

1) We don’t want to make things awkward. A small confrontation may snowball into an avalanche of shit.

2) We tell, nay console ourselves that we are above this shit; that it’s just childish and a waste of time to deal with such morons. “Oh I refuse to stoop down to a lower level or deal with neanderthals”. Sound familiar?

3) We tell ourselves it’s actually a small issue, that it would pass as life goes on and we would get over it really quickly.

The big question now is: Do the above reasons really work? Does it make you feel totally at peace with yourself? Can you say for sure, that when someone annoys or pisses you off, that you can go to bed feeling not pissed at all?

I say no. Unless you have somehow achieved some zen-like state of mind, remember that you are only human.

Standing up for yourself isn’t all a bad thing

Infact, it means you have balls and you don’t take shit from anyone.

It is from my personal experience that standing up towards an asshole who only likes to talk shit is seriously no issue at all. Assholes like these are very used to getting away with snide remarks and hiding behind a computer. Thus, in the face of REAL adversity, more often than not, they cower and are at a complete loss for words. This also applies to guys who think they are big and strong and shit. Just because they have strength, doesn’t mean they have the balls to throw the first punch.

Weirdly enough, assholes I have spoken against started pretending it was all a misunderstanding (throwing random insults and laughing is definitely not a misunderstanding) and they wanted to apologize!

It may not be what you think it is

It may indeed be afterall, just a huge misunderstanding. Certain messages you HEAR may be misinterpreted. So when you LISTEN and find out the real facts, it may not be that bad. Sometimes it could have been just a joke. Sometimes those “assholes” didn’t know their hurtful comments were actually harming someone.

Standing up for yourself is simple

Nobody is asking you to make things turn into an ugly pile of shit when you confront or stand up for yourself. Standing up for yourself merely means asking clarifying questions you want answers to and of course letting that asshole know how you feel, in a nice, but firm way.

Nobody likes confrontations, even assholes alike. People who like confrontations are just a bunch of attention-seeking retards who solve their problems in really fucked up ways, like fighting. THAT is when you can use the above reasons and really move on with your life.

Because you are above that shit, and you don’t deal with degenerates.

Bonus note: Don’t bother standing up for yourself on social media or online. Reason being below.

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