Pre-orders and prepackages: A story on human slaves for kids with special needs

We got another one!” yelled mom at the door.

“Aww yes!” yelled back the son as he got off his chair from the breakfast table, leaving his bowl of cereal behind.

“Haha. Our little boy sure loves his packages!” laughed the father as he smiled, the morning papers in his hands.

The son was at the door now. His excitement was going through the roof. He was waiting for this day for a lifetime.

His beaming eyes looked at the package. “71.2 KG. Whole human! Yes! He made it through!”

“I am so happy for you Billy!” said the mom.

“Thanks mom!” Billy said as he grabbed his package from the ground. “I sure hope this one is better than the others!”

“I am sure it would be Billy” said the mom as she smiled and closed the door. “Now, off to breakfast. You’ve ten minutes before the school bus arrives.”

“Okay mom!” said Billy. “Let me just put this in my room”

Billy ran upstairs.

“There goes another one” said the mom as she entered the kitchen.

“Indeed. So how long do you think it’d last this time? How much do you want to bet?” the father said, not looking up from the papers.

“Stop joking around Harold! This is serious! Our little Billy has a problem!” the mom retorted.

“You’re just mad because you lost the last four times” laughed Harold.

“I know, I know. But really now, I hope this one lasts at least a little longer.”

“It will Nancy, it will. How long though, I wouldn’t know. I don’t think that really matters anyway” said Harold as he flipped pages.

“You think? Well it should! I like to think that the longer it lasts, the more Billy is improving” replied Nancy as cracked an egg over the frying pan.

“One would never really know. Even the scientists don’t know for sure. At least we discovered little Billy’s problem early on five years ago” said Harold.

“When he was only five” sighed Nancy.

“Come on. Like I’ve always said, chin up, okay? We’re really lucky to have qualified for this program”

“A program for special kids.”

“Yes. Special kids.”

“Sometimes I really wonder why Billy had to this special then, more special than the other special ones. And sometimes I really wonder who or what thought up this crazy program.”

“Ahh come on. It’s not that crazy!” replied Harold, his excitement in his voice growing.

“That’s cause you work for them!” said Nancy. “And yes, I know how it works, you don’t have to…”

“Parents who have kids with special needs qualify for the Real Friend Therapy Movement. This is to quickly eliminate the innate desire for kids to concoct imaginary friends. With the Real Friend Therapy Movement, special kids today, along with their parents get to choose humans with a 99% likeness in terms of behavior, looks, anatomy and emotions from Planet X-TR2, also known as Earth.” said Harold.

“‘Concoct’! Your vocabulary is improving Harold!” laughed Nancy.

“Thank you! I am after all, director of the Harvesting Department” Harold said with pride. “Now please let me continue. “Earth was created solely for this program. All humans residing in that planet get to live their lives, almost like us. After they die, we simply recall their bodies to our planet, resurrect them and let our little, special kids befriend them.”

“Befriend, or enslave?” asked Nancy.

“Well, I like to think befriending, despite them simply being toys.”


“Humans from Earth die when we need them to die” Harold continued. “With the number of special kids we have on our own planet, it had always been the number one priority to repopulate Earth and conversely, de-populate whenever necessary.”

“The only thing I find amazing about this program is that we, from over here get to choose everything, from the way our toys look, its age, its hair color and even its life story” said Nancy as she prepared to scoop up the fried egg.

“Exactly! Did it live a long, fulfilling life with its own family? Did it go to war? Did it die at birth? Did it die in the middle of its twenties and suffered from cancer? Did it lead a dangerous, criminal, drug-addicted life? We can choose anything!” said Harold excitedly as he held his glasses in his hands, waving them around.

“Special kids here given infant toys to act like parents. That always gives me the chills!” Nancy said. “Maybe you should move to sales Harold!”

“Naw! You know we have a website! Just a few clicks, and your friend will be on its way!”

Nancy gave a little smile and shook her head. “Well, I certainly hope this one lasts longer than the first few. Billy’s predisposition to murder can be really scary. Sometimes I even feel bad for the humans.”

“They’re just toys Nancy” Harold reminded his wife.

“I know, I know. Speaking of which, did we check the box this time?” asked Nancy.

“What box?” Harold said as when he went back to his papers.

“The box Harold! The one that states whether we want our toy to understand what was going on right from the start of activation or not!”

“Oh. I forgot” said Harold. He gave a little smirk at the irony of it all.

“Jesus Harold!” said Nancy as she took off her apron.

Just then, there was a loud scream from upstairs.

“Oh well” said both Nancy and Harold simultaneously as they looked at each other.

Billy then came running down the stairs.

“Mom! Dad! My 71.2 KG human led a wonderful life! It had three kids, a beautiful wife and he was a pastor! He liked travelling the world and enjoyed going to the beach!”

“You had an actual conversation with him son?!” said Harold, looking very amazed.

“Yes I did!” said Billy. “But then it couldn’t stop shivering and kept running away from me. Then it looked at me funny.”

Both Nancy and Harold sighed together again.

“Get ready for school son. I’ll help you get your bag” said Harold as he got up. “You owe me fifty bucks”

“Shut up” said Nancy.

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