People become douchebags when they want to be right

Being human consists of having one very common factor that exists in all of us, and that is the desire to always want to be right. You can take it as wanting to win an argument, prove a point or just making sure your opinion actually damn well matters from the start.

It may seem like a very normal trait, but sadly most don’t realize that in the pursuit of trying to be right, you actually end up sounding like a douchebag.

Here’s how:

1) Making up shit or exaggerating the truth

People have the tendency to stretch the truth in order to drive their point across. This occurs very often especially when “things are being recalled”. It doesn’t matter if you were there to witness the event or not, because what’s coming out from the person’s mouth wouldn’t change. This would DEFINITELY also happen when they are confiding something to their own friends.

2) The uncalled-for lesson or lecture

Having established (themselves) that they are right, said person would be all too eager to give you a lesson or two. Did you ask for it? No. It fucking doesn’t matter, because they think they can make you a better person. The worst part is, the lesson would come out of nowhere without any kind of warning. This gives off a very stark image of being a douchebag who thinks he’s absolutely right (when he’s probably not) and thinks he’s totally high and mighty.

3) Pure judgement

Well I think this is pure common sense. A person who wants to right would judge you and not bother to hear what you have to say, especially if they feel offended in whatever ways.

Put yourself in other shoes? The other side of the coin? There are always two sides to a story? Don’t believe everything you heard? Fucking forget it, they don’t mean shit here.

4) The need to escape

As I wrote in one of my older posts here where I talked about how assholes cower down in the face of adversity and confrontation, the douchebag who wants to be right too suffers from this pathetic syndrome. It’s kind of like after they loudly drove a point across, they would be in a big hurry to change the subject which of course, coincides with the fact that nobody has had a say in the matter.

As long as you humble yourself and know that you don’t have to be right all the time, or rather show and prove that you are right, you won’t really come off as a douchebag or a bitch.

The real question then is: Does being right actually brings you peace?

Answer: The answer secretly lies inside the question. To put it simply, when you are right with yourself, you needn’t give a fuck about others or anything else.

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