People are afraid of others’ success

I think this is something which is very true in all of us, yet it’s not something most of us dare to admit.

Face it. We’re all pretty much afraid of others’ success, especially when said success resembles that which we really want in life and that since we’ve been brought up in a competitive environment.

I am guilty of it sometimes myself. I wonder how others do it. I get confused to why some deserve it. I am frustrated when others seemingly have it so easy.

Success is a mirror

Because, who doesn’t want success in life? It brings all the rewards and even happiness (to a certain degree).

We all live with each other. We interact with one another. As we grow up with friends, colleagues, family and those we read about in the news, we tend to compare and gauge each other’s state of life.

We are not necessarily rooting for each other.

The self-serving prophecies success unleashes upon us

When we become afraid of other people’s success, we make up stories, lie and come up with excuses to make ourselves feel better.

“He probably won that competition because there were no other strong competitors inside.”

“She only managed to get to where she is today because her boyfriend is rich.”

“I will probably be able to do better if I tried the same thing. I was just feeling a little tired that day. That’s all.”

It goes on and on, the self-serving things that go on in our heads. It’s an illusionary cushion we create so that we can feel that much more comfortable in our comfort zone.

Fear creates an ironic unity

With the fear of others’ success, we, at the same time realize we don’t want to be alone. We seek the validation and in turn more comfort in other people. It doesn’t have to be friends even.

This is how a lie becomes a fake truth for us as we think, “Since my friends didn’t outright disagree with what I said, it therefore must be true.”

This is how gossip starts, like, “Haha! Yeah. I bet she sucked the boss’s dick to get that promotion.”

This is how we become selfish, narrow-minded and anchored, because with all that comfort we’re in, there’s nothing pushing us to break out from the fear.

Success is not for the average

Maybe I’ve been a little harsh so far, but it’s all true. I was merely bringing forth the mirror for you.

Everything I’ve said above are very average activities. Gossip, short-term validation, excuses, a longing for comfort, bitching on social media to get likes etc.

And it’s all so sad because success is actually a very individualistic thing which we shouldn’t compare with others. Why? Because it’s our very own life. That is special. That is unique. That is laced with your passion, talent and innate skills.

Money does not mean success, neither does it bring happiness, so stop being jealous of that rich person’s new watch, Prada bag or that he or she drinks champagne for breakfast.

Conventional love doesn’t necessarily mean success either. Unhappy marriages do exist and divorce is very real. Stop living in fairy tales.


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It’s time to stop living others’ lives.

Let go of the fear. Just do something already. Get off your ass. It’s not that scary. Your success will come in its own form and shape anyway as life is a learning process.

Just be sure to open up to different opportunities. Look in the mirror now. It’s there to help you, not scare you.

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