Passion is truth

There’s a lot of buzz lately on passion.

Why buzz? Because it’s filled with buzz words.

Follow your dreams, follow your heart, do what you love, find passion. All that buzz.

In terms of making a living, doing what you love according to your passion and making money from it is *the* dream.

Let’s forget all about that for a sec. It’s all good, but I find that too many people are caught in the buzz and ironically because of that, they think finding passion is difficult.

Passion is truth. That’s all.

Look at it this way: There’re many people who are all too willing to tell you what is right and what is true. And there’re many institutions enforcing that.

Go to school and teachers tell you what to learn and how to lead your life. Go to work and your boss sets up your mind.

You need your own truth.

Your get your own truth from listening to your experience and holding on to the memorise it creates.

How do you know for sure then, that without a doubt it is all true? You start feeling good about it. You do what you love. You find passion.

Your experience is already your truth by default, but sadly, a lot of us forget to listen to ourselves.

If you’re asking, is it all about feeling good then?

Well, isn’t life just about being happy?

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