Real Talk 12: You’re a big fat loser if you’re the nice guy who finishes last


Because that makes you a little bitch.

Yes you. You know who you are.

You take actual pride in being the nice guy who finishes last. Don’t fucking deny it.

When you don’t get what you want in life, you take solace in the idea that you’re a nice guy anyway.

Say you didn’t get the girl. She friendzones you. She rejects the shit out of you for some guy you think it is a “bad boy.” Then you think, “Oh well. I wish the best for her. I am there for her. At least I am not that type of guy.” This makes you think you’re a nice guy. Bullshit. You’re probably crying at night wondering why you’re such a lonely loser who can’t get the girl.

Say you feel broke and penniless all the time. You wish more money comes in. But you still give to the homeless. You give what little you have to charity. And you think, “I am a nice guy for doing that. It’s okay to be broke!” Bullshit. You want to be rich, or rather, you want to stop having to struggle so much.

You know what I am fucking talking about right?

It doesn’t have to be this way

You can be a nice guy.

In fact, yes. Be nice. Make it your mission to be nice. Not all people are nice. Some are assholes. It’s a mind-boggling fact that some people don’t have the capacity or brains to be nice.

So take pride in that.

But you don’t have to be a little bitch who sits down and accepts the shitty life you have today.

You don’t have to finish last.

You can be first in anything you put your mind to. Think about it: Why would you set out to fail in the first place?

If you want something, aim for first place. Stop with your fucking Plan Bs and make sure A is awesome.

Also, be nice, but give a shit about yourself.

That means you talk back when somebody gives you shit. You stand up for yourself.

That means you give yourself a break. You reward yourself. You spoil yourself. You buy some expensive shit you always wanted.

That means immediately thinking, “Oh she’s just not right for me” and not “What is wrong with me?” when the girl rejects you.

Know what this all means? It means being nice to yourself. You appreciate yourself. You let yourself shine. Fuck modesty.

Do you do that?

Or are you still the little bitch who’s nice to the entire world except himself?

Being a nice guy doesn’t mean you’ve to be a loser. You don’t have to finish last. 

Being nice is not a burden. It’s just being nice. It’s not being asshole. It’s that simple. Why complicate it?

So stop with this “nice guy finishing last” bullshit. It’s a lousy conclusion weak guys come up with in their head.

You want something, go get it. Give a fuck.

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