I don’t think online dating is lame

Okay I want to admit something today.

I think finding love online is awesome. And I’ve done it before.

I know, I know. People think it’s “lame” or that if you set up a profile on Ok Cupid or whatever is like exposing yourself to weird strangers on the internet.

Or worse, if you spend your time checking out other people’s profiles, you’d be labelled a stalker.

Haha. Is that right?

Let me tell you a little story:

One of my ex-girlfriends? I got to know her purely from Facebook.

She was from my college.

I looked her up on Facebook. Messaged her. Said hi. Got her number. Texted each other. Went out. Dated. Boom. We got together eventually.

And I was happy. I didn’t care what others said. Some friends even said I had “no class”, because I got to know somebody online.


You wanna know what I think is lame?

People who download the Tinder App on their phones today and keep checking how attractive and hot somebody is inside. Then they “like” pictures, chat with people and hope to hook up for sex.

Oh yes… many people do that. You don’t have to admit to me if you do or not.

My friends do. And it’s hilarious.

They’re like, “Wow this girl is hot! Let me like her. I hope she replies. Maybe we can hook up and fall in love.”

lol. Yeah right.

The thing is, there’s a whole lot of misunderstanding about online dating.

It is okay to do it. It’s not lame, and neither is it stalkerish.

It IS stalkerish, if you leave like 100 messages for somebody and only ask for sex.

So yes… there is a psychology behind online dating. There’re tactics you need to follow to make sure you portray the true image of you to others. That way, you can meet the right people today.

For real. Sometimes you have the best intentions online, but people may read it the wrong way.

E.g. Do you write shit like, “Haha never tried this before. But my friend made me try it geez.”

You may think that’s innocent, but you’re only showing that you lack confidence!

Let’s step it up shall we?

Introducing: Online Allure-

Yep. This is going to teach you how to date online properly so you can start meeting the right people in REAL life!

But I get it.

Meeting people outside can be intimidating. What do you say? What do you do? The way he looks at you is so scary!

So… why not make it easier for yourself? Online dating is fun man.

It’s time to be confident again. Stop holding back and feeling so worried about meeting new people.

Take that tiny step for a huge difference. Start online:

Okay, if you think online dating is lame, then I think you need to stop caring about what others think. I’ll help you with that. So, if you buy Online Allure through me, I’ll give you my book, 100 Things, on the house. Just send me the receipt.

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