One of the best compliments you can ever get

Is this,

“That is so you”

With regards to your clothes, dressing, style, accessories and all that shit.

I think when people say that to you, even if they don’t actually like what they are seeing, it’s a great compliment as you have managed to actually get your clothes to represent who you are.

Your clothes ought to represent you and who you are. By having someone say, “that is so you”, you have effectively managed to expose the culture you represent and even your past. That’s fucking cool right?

Screw the trends

With that, people would give you the respect you deserve as you have courage to be who you are. It doesn’t matter what trends are being set or what everyone else are wearing. If you dare to be who you are, then dress who you are.

A person wearing weird ass clothes may be branded a freak, but he is mindlessly happier compared to that man putting on his corporate attire, ready for yet another dreary day at work.


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