This is an ode to the unappreciated, the bullied, the judged and the misunderstood


We be weird. Good weird.

I remember back in my partying, single days when I was… partying, drinking, meeting a lot of girls and blowing loads of money on all of them, it occurred to me at one point that I was one misunderstood asshole.

And I guess I sort of accepted that.

I mean, drinking and partying while being single at the same time? People were going to judge.

And that’s okay. That’s just life.

It annoyed me a little from time to time, but the criticism I got was nothing drastic enough to really get to me.

The thing is, my conscience was always clear and I was extremely confident in whatever I did.

Check this. I always spent within my means. I saved a lot of money and I already had an insurance plan. I got drunk a lot, but I was not an annoying, violent drunk who picked fights for no reason. I also made it a point to be nice to every single service staff I encountered. I met a lot of girls, and I was very honest with all of them, that means to say I was upfront with them on the fact that I wasn’t looking for anything serious and they could walk away if they wanted.

So there you go. I was the nicest douchebag there was. But of course, not many people really cared. They saw what they saw and they judged on the spot.

This is an ode to the unappreciated, the bullied, the judged and misunderstood

Because I believe many of you feel like you’re being dealt a shorthand in life. I believe many of you are super awesome people with unique talents which can create beautiful art and inspire the world.

It’s just that sometimes, the people around you are assholes and they’re just dragging you down right?

Right. For sure. Let’s even forget about “Don’t blame others for your problems” or “Your circumstances do not decide who you are” and of course, “It’s your own damn fault.”

Well screw that! SOMETIMES, it’s really not your fault! It’s not your fault some insecure idiots out there decided to talk shit about you and even spread lies about you.

So let’s get this going:

If you love to party, and you aren’t an asshole about it, that’s awesome. Ignore what others have to say as they judge you for you always getting drunk. Just because you party doesn’t mean you have to be a typical douchebag. You be the nice drunk! You be the fun, loving person who’s the life of the party. Without you around, these nerds would be awkwardly coughing and making lame small talk.

Do you date A LOT of women or guys? Sleep around even? That’s cool! You aren’t a heart breaker or a slut. You’re just having fun and there’s nothing wrong with having fun, especially when you’re young. It’s awesome that you know what you want at least. It’s awesome that you actually know how to score. It’s awesome you’re open and honest about everything.

Do you take pride in your work as you make sure every, single detail is perfection? Good. Taking pride in your work is an important asset in life. Tell your co-workers to screw off. They’ve no business criticizing you for being anal or whatever. You’ve pride. There’s nothing wrong with being a perfectionist. So stick with that. It doesn’t matter if that bootlicking and balls-massaging asshole got the promotion. He or she is all-talk. They will not go far.

Did you unintentionally get caught in the middle of some drama caused by a bunch of immature losers and then get blamed for it? People be like, “Hey man. What did YOU do?” and “I heard YOU said this…” as if it’s your fault. Leave them alone. Drama is for kids. You be the bigger person. Don’t even roll your eyes. Just walk away.

Are you bullied? Don’t worry. Read this. There’s nothing wrong with you. Bullies are insecure and angry people. Just get help.

Is your family well off and your friends are totally calling you a spoiled brat who was born with a silver spoon in your mouth? Are they saying you’re too rich (If that even makes sense)? Are they calling you a cheapskate just because you’ve the brains to be thrifty? Rubbish. Money does not make a person. Your friends are just jealous and give too much power to money. And lacking common sense.

Have you ever been, without a doubt 100% right in a situation where you’ve fallen out with a friend and others, who are plain ignorant decide to call you petty, immature and even selfish just because you know you’re right? Fuck them. They’re just ignorant. Only losers sit by the side and talk about other people. Confident people stick to their principles.

There was once I helped a friend buy cigarettes for her. I accidentally misplaced them before I could pass them to her. She got mad. She did not recognize the good intentions behind it all. Ever tried to be nice and help others, but they just don’t appreciate it at all? These people are not your real friends then. Yet, you must never falter. Always be good because the world needs more people like you, not the others.

Ever tried to use simple logic to argue your case with a friend or a loved one and they plain, don’t, give, a, shit? It’s mind boggling. It’s extremely frustrating. You need to realize that these people are just selfish. They aren’t out to get you and of course, there’s nothing wrong with you. Leave them.

Are you undermined and looked down upon by others just because you lack a certificate in education? It’s okay. As long as you’re willing to humble yourself to learn anything in life, you’ll go far. That is why practical skills, along with a good attitude trump any supposedly prestigious education. Take pride in your skills and keep learning. Leave the “educated” alone. They’re stressed out enough as it is in the rat race.

End ode. Keep being you.

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  1. Sebastian Aiden Daniels - October 10, 2014 10:48 pm

    An ode to misunderstandings. This really resonated with me right now. I don’t party that often anymore, but I still struggle the fear of others criticism about what I am doing with my life. I am working on it because how can one become a screenwriter or a movie director without constantly dealing with people’s criticism. As you put it, fuck it and just keep learning and working on yourself. Ignore the haters : D.

    • alden - October 12, 2014 5:57 am

      Hey dude,

      For sure man. Ha well. When people don’t even want to understand, that’s their own problem. That’s when bullshit comes out of their mouths.

  2. Glinda Bustamante - October 12, 2014 4:31 am

    Oh I LOVED this piece, it really hits home! I had to share it because I could not have said it better myself. Thanks Alden!!!

    • alden - October 12, 2014 5:54 am

      Thanks Glinda.

    • alden - October 13, 2014 6:15 pm

      No prob!

  3. Jessie - October 17, 2014 10:19 am

    Does this also apply to finding a job, HR judging you based on how you speak well instead of testing your abilities? I am just irked that many were admitted to jobs yet they are are really inefficient employees. What they can do is only talk.

    How about weird but creative people huh?

    • alden - October 17, 2014 5:49 pm

      Yep. For sure. A lot of people are all talk.

      But you gotta realize man, sometimes you got to present yourself well too.


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