Nobody up there gives a fuck how nice you are

The universe doesn’t care how nice you are.

It does not know who is nice or not. It sees no difference in the mere person.

It does not produce karma points for you or wreck hell on your wrongdoers. Only you’re hoping for that.

It does not have the time to prepare the perfect guide stating all the rights and wrongs of the world for each and every one of you.

It does not really care where you’re coming from.

Now, replace ‘universe’ with God.

This is why life is a mystery. That is a fact. If life wasn’t a mystery, we would have all the answers, which we don’t.

The higher ups do however, care about your attitude. It cares about your perspective. It cares about what you want.

And to put it straight, being nice has nothing to do with what you want in life. The folly of people is that they believe being nice is enough to get what you want, which is a lie.

If you want what you want in life, then go for it. That’s all.

Then the universe will make way for you.

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