Nobody Gives A Flying Fuck About You

Know this now and forever: Nobody gives a flying fuck about you.

Everybody has their own problems.

Nobody has a special agenda against you, meaning they don’t spend their entire day thinking about you.

Everybody is insecure in their own way. Everyone else around you is worried about their own shit.

Everybody is the same, they’re also worried about what others think about them.

And most of all, somebody looks up to you.

Someone out there wants to be in your shoes. You just don’t see it.

You just don’t see all of this.

Keep all of this mind.

Stop worrying. Everyone is worrying.

Maybe… you should try snapping out of it and just be happy? Do your own shit and stop worrying?

Nobody cares about you.

Only you do. So do it.

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  1. Nico - May 19, 2016 7:19 am

    Hi Everyone,

    Their is a song that goes like this “Don’t Worry Be Happy” that was sung by Bobby Mcferrin.

    That is so true that nobody cares about you but themselves.but one thing stands like a pole above water that love conquers all.That is the greatest.So here is it:



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