16 more pictures which scream NO EXCUSES

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Yo guys,

So my very first post on No Excuses was extremely successful, going super viral and all with up to half a million views, I decided to make a sequel to it.

Before I let the pictures do the talking, I just want to talk a little on it the purpose behind these post:

It’s simply to motivate and inspire the shit out of you.

Nothing more, nothing less.

Under the first post’s comments there were actually some haters who strongly objected to the post, saying it was very condescending to handicapped people, very touchy etc etc.

I think it’s a lot of crap.

If handicapped people can proudly show themselves being extremely determined and happy, I doubt they’d ever waste their time being a spazz online.

Besides, I mentioned before I didn’t want this No Excuses theme to be based around fitness only. I’ve tweaked them to be around other important issues too.

Bam. Here’s 16 more pictures I found which scream NO EXCUSES.

What’s yours?

No excuses to not smile always

No excuses to not help the less fortunate

No excuses to not man up and say you’re sorry


Is it JUST fitness? How about no excuses to not push yourselves and go past your limits. 

Age is not an excuse for nothing but fun

No excuses to not love your kid. I put this up because there’re actually parents, or new parents out there who don’t. Kids are born innocent in this world man.

Judgement upon skin colour: ZERO excuses. 


No excuses to not love your mom to the end

No excuses to not take responsibility


First original creation by me. No excuses to not get outside and play!

Life everywhere, is amazing…

 So start doing something. No more excuses.



    • Cam
    • ·
    • 4:52 am on October 8, 2012
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    Great post man! Love the spartan race one.

    Yeah that's hardcore shit man.

    • sfg yusuf
    • ·
    • 1:19 pm on October 8, 2012
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    the effect on me is fantastic. i have a feeling that am being spurred up. thanks

    Great bro :)

    • Sneha
    • ·
    • 1:36 pm on October 8, 2012
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    Aah!!! Thank you..this is what I needed first thing in the morning..with my coffee ofcourse :)...loved it

    LOL can't go without coffee! NO EXCUSES! Need coffee!

    Alden-Tan....Fabulous and eye-opening photos. God has blessed you with an enormous amount of empathy and motivation. Thanks <3

    Thanks so much Debbie :) Glad you liked it. Share the post will ya?

    Great post!!!! first thing in the morning to see and start thinking different!

    That's great! Hope you had a good morning!

    Great post!!!! first thing in the morning to see and start thinking different!

    Great post!!!! first thing in the morning to see and start thinking different! No excuses!

    Wow, wow, wow!!! I loved everyone of them - brilliant colors to go with a brilliant idea!!! A tear-jerk-er for sure!

    Thanks Lori! Glad it helped! Don't just tear, be fired up!

    • Val
    • ·
    • 7:56 pm on October 8, 2012
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    Thank u Tan. I'm coming alive already.

    Glad to hear it Val!

    I've already tried all of the excuses, no more excuses for me, I'm rewiring my brain.

    Great! No more excuses for that even :)

    • Ellenah Garcia
    • ·
    • 10:16 pm on October 9, 2012
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    Thank You Thank You Thank YOU! You and your fabulous posts! You always make me feel inspirired to do something with my life. I love your emails and I thank StumbleUpon for letting me come across your site! I think It was one of the best things that have ever happened to me! So again, THANK YOU!

    Glad to help Ellenah :). Use that inspiration now, do something. Peace.

    • Ani
    • ·
    • 6:22 am on October 10, 2012
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    Very impressive photos. They all made me realize how fortunate I am and that I have absolutely no excuses for not getting where I want to be!

    For sure! Go forth and do something epic. No excuses. No more at least!

    • John
    • ·
    • 9:15 pm on October 15, 2012
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    I totally agree that it's not condescending to show the inspiration that get's them going. If they're not giving up and it inspires us to rally behind them or inspire ourselves then that's a good purpose. The first picture of the Army dude motivates me as a veteran and man who hasn't been riddled with bullets.

    Hey John, Yeah man. I was in the army myself. No way I was that close to being so hardcore in the jungle. We had training sure, but weren't pushed that far.

    I came here from Reddit. This page was featured in a subreddit. Woah, it was awesome:D 1:28 am here and yet, I'm not tired anymore.

    Awesome Doctor!

    • Elley
    • ·
    • 4:00 am on December 28, 2012
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    Brilliant, just brilliant! Thank you! Live life love.


    Awesome, simply awesome! You rock for curating this page (and the last one). Way to pump more positivity into the world. Keep up the good work, I will definitely be following. Cheers man!

    Thanks! Peace man.

    • Johnny
    • ·
    • 10:06 pm on April 14, 2013
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    There's more ways to die than there are to live. I hate optimistic people. Oh world peace..BITCH WE'RE ANIMALS MOTHER NATURE MADE US TO KILL JUST LIKE EVERY ANIMAL.

    What the hell is wrong with you?

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