Next level tramp stamp: Tattoo of shit on ex girlfriend

Probably the best revenge on ex girlfriend act ever!

Ryan L. Fitzjerald did one up in terms of funny tattoo designs and tramp stamp tattoo, by tattooing a stupid tattoo on his ex girlfriend’s back. That tattoo, is a gigantic pile of shit.

Apparently Ryan discovered that his ex girlfriend, Rossie Brovent cheated on him with his friend. Instead of giving her a tattoo of a, “scene of Narnia” like she always wanted, he gave her some shit.

Ryan pulled this shit off by getting her drunk first. She signed it and agreed to get the tattoo (of Narnia). She was passed out most of the time.

Well goes to show, don’t be a lying cheating bitch on badasses LOL. Everybody gets shit in relationships, but this is just too awesome. Talk about getting shitted on. Wonder if her back stinks too.

Like the boy who died from masturbating, and the guy who woke up gay after a stroke, I wonder if this story is bull.

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