My guide to not giving a fuck

In life we have to deal with all sorts of shit, and more often than not it gets us down. We react by feeling pissed, unhappy, annoyed and basically letting it all take over and ruin your day.

Well you know what? Happiness is like a frigging choice and it’s really UP TO YOU to find your own happiness. And to do that you just have to not give a fuck about others and other external sources.

Here’s my simple yet very effective guide on not giving a fuck and just being your own awesome-self:

1) Do NOT use social media to bitch

This is like one of the worse things you can do when reacting to something you do not like: Just because somebody said something bad about you or you heard about something that pissed you off, reacting the same way by bitching back on Facebook or Twitter. By having such a strong reaction that you had to publicize your shit, you are effectively showing you are immature, crave attention and deeply insecure. Besides, if you post shit up like that, it is very likely that people will bombard you with a myriad replies, making the shit escalate even further, hence making you even unhappier! Bitching in social media isn’t going to solve anything.

Be the bigger man, let it go, and don’t give a fuck. Walk away. Your Facebook and Twitter accounts are meant for greater things, like doing business.

2) Realize that you cannot please everyone in life

I think it’s simple logic that everyone wants to be liked in general, but guess what? You can’t please everyone in life. No matter how good a person you are, how nice you are to others, how much nice shit you do, people will always find a reason to hate. Simply realize, NOW, that you cannot please everyone in your life. If someone doesn’t fucking like you, he or she will be hell-bent on making sure your life sucks. Don’t even get me started on hating and flaming on the internet. Internet trolls are a whole other level.

So why do you want to bother about what some people have to hate about you? Why would you want to, on some human-nature level want to be liked and loved by everyone? Someone finding a problem with you DOES NOT mean there’s really a problem with you.

Once you realize that you can’t please everyone, (wtf you probably meet thousands in life), you can focus your energy on doing your own thing and finding the love from those that actually matter and not give a fuck! Cause then you would be happy!

3) People don’t REALLY care that much about you

Unless you are some celebrity constantly featured in movies or magazines or that your sex tape somehow got leaked, the people around you don’t exactly give a fuck about you! Your life is full of ups and downs, your emotions and feelings make a big part of you and of course they seem HUGE to you, but… do you really think the people around you can have that same feeling? No they don’t, that’s because they have their own shit to deal with. Even if someone gets in your face, or talks shit about you, does it mean they spend 100% of their life doing so? No, that’s cause they have a life.

So if others don’t give a fuck about you, why should you? Don’t harp on it. Move on.

4) Not giving a fuck actually brings better results in life

I discovered this while I am dancing and constantly practicing to be a better Bboy. I always had trouble feeling the music and my mind is always wondering, “Okay what the hell am I gonna do? What moves am I going to throw down with?”As a result, when I watched myself on video I felt a great urge to vomit my fucking guts out. Something was definitely missing in the way I danced. I have since been inspired and learnt from my fellow Bboys to simply “let go”. I actually feel more focused, happy when I practise now. And it’s giving me better results.

Simply put, when you don’t give a fuck, you have more fun.

Can this actually apply in other aspects of life? Like work and shit? I bet it can. I am not asking you to shirk off your responsibilities and start acting like some idiot. Just realize that by easing off on the small stuff, relaxing a little can actually help you WAY better in the long run. You just need to tell yourself not to give a fuck and break out of your comfort circle, do what you really want deep down, and the results alone will blow your fucking mind off.

Focus all your energy on what you want

This is the only point where you can actually give a fuck. Focus all your energy, negative or positive on what you really want in life. Set your goals, focus, aim, and fucking go for it. Even in doing so, remember to relax, have fun and enjoy the ride. That’s all that fucking matters.

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  1. Drew - September 1, 2011 3:19 am

    You should add Duelist’s advice to your 4th point. “Walk away; you can always exact revenge 10 years later.”

    • alden - October 24, 2011 5:02 pm

      That’s way too hardcore dude… scary lol

  2. Sadaf - April 30, 2015 11:28 pm

    So true- since I stopped giving a fuck about whether my boss likes me or not (I was secretly paranoid he hates me and is going to fire me because hes not very social) and was just like- dude i’m gonna do me, and whatever happens, happens and lo and behold- were actually friends now. It’s freggin awesome. Since not giving a fuck, I am more open and say what i want to strangers and its fun making them laugh. makes me feel good to know I am myself in social situations now. I began by reminding myself throughout the day to be the most authentic version of myself, while also silently chanting “DO THESE PEOPLE MATTER? NO WTF, THEREFORE DO WHAT YOU WANT”. It’s worked wonders for me. I am social, people like me more, I have more fun without even trying.

    I’ve learned to love and depend on myself and not expect shit from people. Not giving a fuck honestly followed, and adoration and good things followed that. Now its more about what I can do for others, rather than needing anything from them, validation being one of them.

    So yeah dude, freedom- it’s all in your head.


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