My bitch face

This is my bitch face. And for the life of me, nobody really liked it, not on first impression at least.

But yeah, I have had this ‘bitch’ face my whole life.

Many were the times I was told by friends whom I am close to today, “Alden, the first time I met you, I actually didn’t like you.”

I was told I always looked unfriendly and people just fucking hate that!


Is it because I dated many beautiful women?!

Is it because I can hold my liquor better than you?!

Is it because people think I am good looking and hot as shit?!

Is it because you heard some totally unverified rumor about me regarding my face which somehow offended that somebody without saying anything?!

Whatever the case is, it has been very true that I don’t make a good first impression. It’s more prevalent today since I am not very keen to make anymore friends. As an introvert, you just don’t care to anymore after you reach a certain age.

But this is nothing but a filter. It’s one thing to be judged, but it’s another altogether to become hateful and mean towards somebody because you don’t like the look of something.

That’s not mere judgement. That’s a grand reflection of fear and the subsequent hate you build inside yourself to escape that fear.

My bitch face acts as a filter to the friends I’ve made today. If people see the need to become upset and angry over the way I look, then they didn’t pass the test.

I find it sad that people try so hard just to please others and abide by their bullshit standards. That’s an impossible task since you can’t please everybody in life anyway.

So if you have a bitch face, please, don’t take that bitch down and certainly don’t attempt to force a fake smile.

Just be you.

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