My alcohol are my emotions

Lol was having a lazy Sunday afternoon beer (that’s right fucking Sunday! That’s how we roll) and being douchebags we just chatted about what? Girls and shit and drinks.

Then my friend said what I thought was an epic quote, “My alcohol are my emotions”. Epic quote to make things epic! Fucking love it.

And that is true on many levels beside on a douchebaggery level.

It is typically said that alcohol releases one’s inhibitions.

Why does alcohol lower inhibitions?

Alcohol acts as a sedative on the central nervous system, which explains the impaired speech, vision, coordination, and concentration. But the part of the brain it affects the most is the part responsible for behavior and emotion. Your sense of judgment is weakened, and suddenly speaking your mind doesn’t seem so bad. You feel braver since your socially conditioned safety stops or filters are circumvented. This is why drunken people sometimes think they’re OK to drive.

–, full article here.

That means to say you become more true and are not afraid to voice out whatever the hell is it you want released.

Why yes, I certainly do enjoy my drink

Everybody has a way

So that being said, is it not “okay” to have alcohol as a form of release? Everybody has their way. Some want to feel comfortable around the right people. Some want to hide behind the computer screen and start talking shit and trolling online. Some need their bffs only. Some just need a pen and paper.

Therefore we aren’t douchebags

It is hence my reckless conclusion that, though we like to drink and party, we aren’t douchebags who are bound to go to hell (to drink more beer).

It’s not that I am a douche who only cares about having fun, meeting hot chicks, partying and probably forgetting everything the day before. It’s just that you need to buy me a beer to hear my awesome, touching stories and see the real me.

Wait, what if you guys are lying?

Drink so much, talk shit all day right? Well if you came across a liar, that’s too bad because that’s a risk in life everyone has to take. Sincerity is not a gift everyone has.


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