This is the meaning of real beauty

I always wanted to write about this. Let’s start off with the brilliant quote from Adrian’s Brody’s character in Detachment:


Girls are being fed garbage by the media, that in order to be beautiful, they have to be slim, wear tight dresses, have long hair, be submissive to guys and even speak in an annoying way.

In other words, they’re whoring themselves out to the media.

Guys today are being told that in order to be “hot”, manly or whatever, they have to have a six-pack, they must have muscles or even get into a fight to define their manhood.

In other words, guys have a false sense of manhood today.

As such, both guys and girls are are objectifying each other. And that’s sad.

It’s true isn’t it?

Let me try to shatter the illusion for you now:

A girl, despite her slim body or long hair, will be ugly the minute you find her drunk and passed out on the ground.

A guy, despite his sharp, facial features and solid body, will be vile the minute you find out he has no real substance, constantly using his looks to take advantage of others.

Both guys and girls, will both be ugly when they flip into a rage, screaming, shouting, crying and spewing forth profanities.

Looks can only go so far.

I know so because I’ve been with girls who I thought looked gorgeous, but my eyes burnt when they acted like I owed them a living.

I too, was guilty of this, for I had a bad temper and I literally raised my voice at times.

So what is the real meaning of beauty?

Real beauty to me is health and happiness.

Just two “H”s.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve the body or face of a magazine cover model. Take care of your health, and you’ll GLOW.

It doesn’t matter if you look gorgeous. If you aren’t happy, nothing else matters.

So do yourself a favour and please don’t be obsessed with others’ ideas of beauty.

Shed the crap. No more surgery. No more starving just to be slim. No more designer brand goods. No more uncomfortable makeup.

No more putting physically attractive people on a pedestal and assuming that they’re all that.

Take care of your health. Be happy. The rest will take care of itself.

And I’m here to provide you the knowledge and skills for your imagination. Get my book and rise above average beauty.


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