Maybe you have already made it



This is a picture taken by my friend when we went trekking at a local reservoir. Yep, did the whole pretentious, “Take a ‘natural’ picture of me walking casually!” thing.

We went out on a Monday and covered twelve clicks.

Somewhere along the way, it kind of hit us. We were like, “Dude, we’re living the life. THE life. Everybody else is at work while we’re here chilling on a Monday, trekking and running into animals and shit.”

We ran into a few monitor lizards and monkeys. Pretty cool if you ask me. I tried to take a selfie with a monkey at one point, but then it looked like it was going to attack me, so yeah, I just bailed.

Despite all the consistent struggle I’ve been through and am going through, I’ve to say I made it somehow. Despite all the worrying about money and where I’m going as a writer and entrepreneur, it’s nice to know I get to find time to go out to do out-of-the-norm stuff with my friends.

It was tiring as hell, but it was worth it. And I do mean every journey.

Maybe, just maybe, if you choose to look deep down and think about it, you’ll find that you’ve made it one way or another. I know it’s cliche to say this, but when you start finding things to be grateful about in your life and then start acting like it, you too will know that you’ve made it.

This is when you realize having a job is great, because you’ve stable income and not have to worry about losing your livelihood.

This is when you realize having a friends, despite your little differences is a great thing, so you never have to be alone.

This is when you realize you’ve your health, so you never have to worry about dying or being handicapped.

This is when you realize you can be thankful for your struggles, so you can always feel challenged.

This is when you realize you always have a choice.

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