Maybe we all want the pain

As in deep down, we all do, to the point we do it subconsciously. Then we start blaming everything else except ourselves.

Why do we do this? It’s because we want the attention and for once, feel like we’re in the right.

It’s great to be sick, because then we’d stand out among the majority of healthy people. It’d be nice when people take the initiative to want to see you.

It’s great to be angry, because then you can finally express yourself and let everything out.

It’s great to be sad, because supposedly your friends would come to comfort you.

It’s great to lose a loved one, because although you refuse to admit it, a burden is finally lifted.

It’s great to know that your partner is intentionally fucking it all up, that way you can find an easy way out.

It’s great to be surrounded by morons, because then for once, the drama is not on you and you can relish in your friends’ pain.

It’s great to feel pain, because our ego would come up with excuses to give us the illusion that we’re right.

Do you see how then, that the law of attraction actually works?

But of course, most of us can’t handle it when shit hits the fan. That is why we cry when the emotions overwhelm.

We’re just so damn fickle, us people. We’re just a bunch of confused animals running around.

Hence, this is the only solution: Maybe we need to stop being full of shit.

[bctt tweet=”To err is human, but to want pain is messed up. “]

We need to start asking ourselves the honest, but terrifying questions. This is how you start getting out of your comfort zone, by feeling the pain. It may sound paradoxical, but there’s the right kind of pain and the attention-seeking kind that makes you look like a bitch.

Then, you go for what you want. You work for it. You don’t wait around and expect attention. That’s a paradox that will never work. Even when it does, it’s not going to do you any favors,

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