Maybe it’s in our collective consciousness that’s allowing bad things to happen in this world

I am not normally this deep, or philosophical if you will when it comes to writing about life.

But hear me out anyway as I attempt to break down the way we think and feel that is allowing the state of the world to just happen as it is.

A long time ago, I was dating this really toxic girlfriend. She slapped me in the face before and even insulted my late dad to my face.

After we broke up and when I’d tell my friends about the shit she did, I’d get replies like, “Fuck her! She deserves bad things in her life!” ¬†and even “What?! Why didn’t you just punch her in the face dude?”

I do not condone hitting a lady, but in this case, so much for that eh?

I know of friends who think smoking is a disgusting habit. They’d gossip and talk about how smokers look ugly, smell bad and are generally bad people.

I’d catch these friends smoking at certain occasions.

They’d then be really quick to justify, “I only smoke when I drink! It’s called social smoking!” and “It was only one stick! It doesn’t mean that I am addicted!”

I don’t believe that one is a bad person nor an addict it he or she were to try out a certain vice. But if you took action to carry out the deed just once, you’ve approved of it already right?

When I was still a believer in God and attending church actively, I’d always see my friends turning into hypocrites just to suit their needs.

My first girlfriend was from the church. She constantly lambasted me for my lifestyle of partying and drinking.

I said once, “I bet our pastor has his own dirty past too and he makes mistakes?” And she replied, “Geez! Give him a break!”

Aren’t we all human and hence, equal? Don’t we all make mistakes?

One time at a club, my friend was drunk. He had a temper.

A white dude came by and started hitting on his date.

Out of nowhere, he screamed, “Fuck off white trash!”

My friend was not a racist. He was just angry.

So much for being tolerant at that point of time eh?

Just look at the all double standards, hypocrisy, emotional outbursts and dark ideas that are secretly planted deep down inside of us.

And it doesn’t even have to be derived from a real issue that affects humanity worldwide.

It could be as simple as you having a bad day, and after somebody cuts you off on the road, you think to yourself, “Fuck that guy! I hope he fucking crashes his car!”

You just had the same thoughts as a murderer right there.

It’s really easy to say that you’re the good guy here.

It’s really easy to say that you care about issues.

It’s really easy to say that you’ll never stoop so low.

It’s really easy to say that you’ll never become so hateful and be like a racist.

It’s really easy to criticize and gossip about others.

It’s really easy to excuse yourself with whatever excuse you can come up with.

It’s really easy to say you’re a good person simply because the law has never caught up to you.

It’s really easy to lie.

But, you have slipped. We’ve all slipped.

This article isn’t about reflecting deeply to see who we really are in order to become a better person.

This about the overall collective consciousness we pass around, secretly or not that is actually quietly approving of all the bad stuff going on in this world.

Now, it’s really easy to read the news any day, disapprove of the bad shit going on and wonder what is wrong with this world and its people.

But it’s not easy to admit that you’ve slipped before and acknowledged the fact that you were once one of the bad guys; that you have that darkness in you.

So why are bad things happening in this world?

Because there’s a bunch of people out there who’ve actively chosen to indulge in that darkness and then act on it.

They got their reassurance from observing everyone else.

They then feel like they’ve gotten approval and decide to act on it.

I know you think that you’re good person.

But maybe, just maybe, at certain times, you are not.

A little does go long way here, yeah?

Think of a child who takes in his lessons from his parents.

It’s like that.

For whichever side you think you’re on, we’re all children.

Think about it.

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  1. Work-to-Life Ratio - October 13, 2016 11:17 pm

    Hey Alden,

    It’s unfortunate that you were in this toxic relationship, but thanks for sharing this experience with others. For those of us who work a lot, how we spend our time off and who we’re with is really important. Our time and relationships need to be considered with value.


  2. Bold Winner - October 15, 2016 5:17 pm

    Hi Alden,
    It was nice reading this blog post. I feel the main problem we face in this world is judging too much. People find it easier to classify other people as good or bad while forgetting to look at their own individual lives. An action that looks bad may be done with a very good intention behind it. If we are quick to judge people wrongly, we are bound to fall into the same things, so that we’d learn and see how wrong our judgements have been.

  3. Traci-lee - October 18, 2016 9:20 pm

    Hey there,
    Great post. It is so easy to sit back and judge people nowadays, even easier to voice an opinion about situations too. With the web spewing terrible news, thoughts, actions, it all gets in and makes it seem normal when it is anything but ( eg. Bulling online has become out of control cause kids see it happening all the time, easy to hop on board and pile the insults on when others are doing it). The reality is we all make mistakes, have bad days, say things we don’t mean, think nasty thoughts. To deny that about ourselves means never evolving. I am Canadian and am watching your election candidates. One in particular seems to feel as if he can say anything, even bold face lies and when confronted with it acts like it is no great thing. It is amazing to watch and see how people react to this. It actually is rather scary when you think about it. What does it mean when no matter what he does or says, people STILL support him? What collective consciousness is yet to come with this type of bold,blatant behaviour in the future?


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