You know, when it comes to life, we always get a bunch of “big” words.





Law of attraction.

Big eh?

That’s all fine and dandy, but… do you actually know what they mean?

That’s why I wrote Making Zense: Find Your Spiritual Animal or whatever.

I break it down for you.

Do you feel lost in life? Do you feel like you lack purpose?

What is your place, as one single human being in this large-as-fuck world that’s filled with BILLIONS of people?

Read this book, and you’ll know today.



Oh and no, it’s not a bunch of hippie crap inside.

I am not going to tell you that you need to do yoga, meditate or keep breathing for… no reason.

This book is going to uncomplicate things for you.

After reading this, you’d know what you mean to the world and how you can send your special message out.

You’d know how and why you’re really unique and special.

Ready to stop feeling lost?!

So chill!

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